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The decision to bring home a pet, either a cat or a dog, can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling decisions a human can take. It is proven that households with a pet are 37% more happier than households without a pet.
Poochles will help you every step of your journey!

Pet Parenthood,
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Steps before bringing home your pet

Poochles Puppy Central

Step 1 : I can do this!

Get ready mentally for added responsibility.

New Puppy

Step 2: What's my pet style?

Do your research. Unearth the right pet for you and your home.

New Puppy in India

Step 3 : Convince key people

Everyone at home needs to be ok with your decision. This is important.

I want a puppy

Step 4 : Pet proof your home

Get your house pet ready. Designate pet areas, stock up on essentials.

Puppy Tips

Step 5 : The hunt is on!

Visit adoption centers and breeder locations to find your perfect pet.

Getting a puppy

Step 6 : We got this! ❤️

Bring home your pet, and get him comfortable with his new home!

Get your home pet ready!

Be Ready With hand selected products meant for puppies

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Treats puppies
Puppy food
collars meant for puppies

Looking for a breeder?

Poochles partners with breeders around the country. Find a certified partner breeder in your area.

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Did you know?

There are more homeless animals than people.

The Adopt, don't Shop campaign was started to bring public awareness to the plight of homeless animals

Puppies from puppy mills are often seriously ill, poorly socialized, and many times suffer from life-threatening congenital defects.

Millions of dogs are sent to animal shelters every year.

Of the 6.5 million animals that enter animal shelters nationwide every year, 3.3 million of those are dogs.

Many shelter dogs are trained.
Shelter dogs love humans.

The National Geographic calls adopting street dogs "The New Cool" thing to do. 

India has more than 30 million stray dogs

Naming Your Pet

Choosing a pet name India

How do you choose the right pet name? When you name your soulmate, choose a name that will augment your personality. 

List of Top Pet Names

Which dog breed is right for you?

Learn About Dog Breeds india

Which dog breed is right for you?

Labrador or Beagle or Indie? Choose the perfect little pupper for you!

For a first time pet parent, choosing the right dog breed can be daunting. Our breed guide will help you. Depending on your living style + temperament preferences, different breed types will be better suited for you.

Learn About Different Dog Breeds

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