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  • Versele Laga Crispy Muesli Guinea Pig Food

    Versele Lage Crispy Pellets is complete nutrition for Guinea Pig.All vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are incorporated in the same pellet; this is also called "monocomponent food".The advantage: your pet won't be...
    From Rs. 425.00
  • Vitapol Economic Food for Guinea Pigs-1.2kgs

    Vitapols' Economic Food for Guinea Pig is a nutritionally complete vitamin and mineral fortified blend of hand-selected fresh ingredients formulated to help your guinea pig flourish. Meadow hay enriched pellets, vegetables...
    Rs. 484.00
  • Vitapol Fruit Food For Guinea Pig-400gms

    With a reduced amount of grains, Vitapols' Fruit Food for Guinea Pig is ideal for fussy eaters. With additional fruits and fruit seeds, this mixture is blended enough for your...
    Rs. 210.00
  • Vitapol Karma Food for Guinea Pig-400gms

    Small, gentle and vocal – don’t we all love a guinea pig? Creating a mixture of healthy, tasty nutrients for your picky eater, Vitapols Karma Food for Guinea Pig is...
    Rs. 210.00
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