At Poochles, we believe in the "kind" in animalkind. Humans have a lot to learn from animals. We want to give back the happiness to our pets, that they unconditionally give us.

That's why we're committed to creating not just products, but experiences that live, speak and breathe our pet-first philosophy.

We are chaotic.

And proud to be so. 

Sundeep Mithran

'"Pets are the only things that love us unconditionally.

Unconditionally... think about that for a moment. Not your mom, not your spouse, not your child, not even God. No one will love you "unconditionally". But your pet will.
Let that sync in.

Pets have only one purpose. To spread love. We started Poochles to reciprocate that same love. "The No Questions Asked" kind. Just pure unadulterated care in return for that unconditional love.

We are pet parents, philosophers and dreamers. At Poochles you will find high quality pet products at affordable prices. That's the way we want to express our love to our pet-friends.

Now go spread that love! "

With Love,
Sundeep Mithran
The Ring Master

Being green is no longer a nice to have.

It's a must have way of life.

We believe in repurposing. 

Give back what we get.

Repurposing is taking high quality excess materials from factories that manufacture products for humans and repurpose them for our pets. This is not the same as recycling, as recycling means "used" products. We only take absolutely fresh, brand new excess materials. So for example, your collar could have excess material from a top brand handbag or shirt. We have partnered with manufacturers around the globe to repurpose excess material into high quality products for our pets. 

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All poochlers have one common trait.

Being sufficiently whacho. 

Srikanth, Juggler

Benny, Illusionist

Gopi, Lion Tamer

Manisha, Stunt Master

Mubashira, Mentalist

Preethi, Ventriloquist

Karthik, Acrobat

Shruti, Tight Rope Walker

Vani, Cannonballer

Rocky, Human Firecracker

Sneha, Magician


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