Pets are the only things that love us unconditionally. 

Unconditionally... think about that for a moment. Not your mom, not your spouse, not your child, not even God.  No one will love you "unconditionally". But your pet will.
Let that sync in for a moment. 

We are pet parents, and are proud to be pet parents.

Our Motto

Do Good. Relax.

Pets have only one purpose. To spread love. We started Poochles to reciprocate that same love. The No Questions asked kind. Just pure unadulterated care in return for that unconditional love.

At Poochles You will find high quality pet products at affordable prices.

Go spread that love!

All Poochles Products Are Hand Selected For Quality

Why Poochles? 

American Ideas, With a Desi Twist. 

Americans Care for their pets like their children. India has the most number of dogs and cats in the world. Poochles merges the best of the two worlds together. 

Affordable Prices are a Given

We source from around the world including America, Europe, Asia and India. We negotiate deals with our suppliers to make sure our prices are affordable and honest. 

Pet Love Drives Us Forward

Right from promoting pet adoption, to advising the best kinds of food for different dog breeds, we want to make sure we provide a good world for our pets. We are not driven by profits, but by pet health.  

The Company That Invented Repurposing

What is repurposing? 

Repurposing is taking high quality excess materials from factories that manufacture products for humans and repurpose them for our pets. This is not the same as recycling, as recycling means "used" products. We only take absolutely fresh, brand new excess materials. So for example, your collar could have excess material from a gucci handbag or an Armani shirt. We have partnered with manufacturers around the globe to repurpose excess material into high quality products for our pets. 

Meet Mylo, Chief Barking Officer

We have always been a family that loved pets. We had a labrador called Lily, and then a daschund called Truffle. After working at Google for 12 years across India and the US, we adopted a pitbull in the US called Mylo, named by our son after the teenage mutant ninja turtle "Michael Angelo" ( not to be mistaken with the painter. )  Mylo became a member of our family and an unsaid brother to our son.

Its amazing to see how homeless dogs in the western world are treated, and saddening to see their plight in India.

Our dream is to provide the same kind of benefits to our four legged friends in India. Afterall, they love us just the same in any country!  

The folks that

Drive us Forward

Mylo, Adopted

Chief Barking Officer

Like Rules. Only to break them.
The Poochles president Belongs to him. 

Brittney, Pure Breed

Chief Prancing Officer

Likes to Prance Around. Like a Princess
The CMO belongs to her. 

Muffin, Adopted

Chief Security Officer

Likes Guarding Her Territory. Pretends to be a guard dog. But is a butterfly inside. The COO belongs to her. 

Leo, Pure Breed

Chief Health Officer

Likes to make sure her employees are well fed and well rested. Nothing else actually matters. The Chief Evangelist belongs to her. 

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