We Get A Lot
When We
Give Back A Little

Mother Nature provides for us. Sadly, we dont give back to her enough. 

For example, in our greed for material things, we dump waste into her resources like there is no tomorrow.

We have so much to thank our pets for: they spread love, teach us undying loyalty, and provide us with unconditional companionship.

Humans on the other hand, leave behind a trail of destruction and waste. Did you know that every year we generate 3Trillion tons of waste just from our clothes and shoe industry alone? The average apparel factory discards about 60,000 pounds of perfectly usable, pre-consumer textiles every single week.

Poochles  wants to solve two problems with one stone. We want to celebrate the “kind” in animalkind, and at the same time make a positive impact on our carbon footprint by repurposing the excess materials from our industries and reducing waste.

Whats different between recycling and repurposing?

With recycling we are using something that is already used and turning it into something else.  Unlike recycling, repurposing means we use absolutely unused fresh human grade materials for our pets. The benefits of repurposing include resource conservation, saving energy, and saving landfill space.

First Grade Unused Materials

The raw materials are brand new, and have not been used at all. Excess material from factories, or shop unsold discards. Hence repurposing gives you amazing quality, much higher than mass produced pet products, since we design the whole thing ground up from human meant products.

Excess That Would Have Been Dumped

Repurposing leverages what already exists, and we give excess factory discards new life, conserving resources and creating opportunity out of what was once considered waste. When you buy a repurposed product you are directly offsetting the water and energy to make new materials

Foster A Give Back Circle 

Because we build everything from the ground up, and dont depent on mass production, we are able to control the quality of the manufacturing process end to end. Therefore we focus on building an organic, biodegradable and eco friendly system that constantly corrects for minimizing waste. 

At Poochles, the only thing we scrap is the typical way of doing business. We are a brand that focuses less on maximizing profitability and more on spreading positivity. We partner with manufacturing companies around the world and buy these industry excess materials in bulk. Our team of young designers with a passion for creating innovative ideas then transform these excess materials into new, exciting and useful products for our pets.

Its our way of thanking the pets for everything they are to us. Giving back to nature, now whats wrong in that?

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