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Ever looked at the stray dog in your community and wondered how you can be of help to them? Then this article is just for you and your kind heart. Stray dogs or street dogs are a growing population in India. With more than 30...

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Dog Name Tags - Every pet parent knows about this dog accessory, but not every pet owns it. This small but vital pet accessory holds various benefits for You and Your Pet. In fact, if there was a checklist for your dog’s accessories it would be a) Dog Collar b) DOG TAGS. Yes! Dog tags are that important for your pet

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We all know that cats are quite fussy and picky when it comes to cat litter. 
So, being a cat parent, choosing the right cat litter for your pet becomes an essential part of your pet-parenting journey. But with various litter options available today, things may get a little overwhelming.

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