Poochles delivers high quality pet food, both dog food and cat food, right to your doorstep in a safe, and quick fashion. From stringent supply chain quality checks to quick delivery, learn what it takes for Poochles to deliver pet food right to your doorstep.

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As a dog parent,  especially if you have a new born puppy at home, it is essential to understand the importance of having good quality dog toys to stimulate your dogs brain and have a good energizing play session with them. Dog toys come in a variety of types like fabric, plush, dental, training, tug and fetch types. 

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How to Spend Time With Your Dog At Home?

Spending time with your dog can be a cathartic experience for both you and your little fur baby. You can look at the time you spend with your dog as a daily cardio routine, or simply to let the energy from the cosmos flow through your dog, into you.

There is no set routine for good playtime, but it is important that you spend atleast 20-30 minutes each day ( preferably twice a day ) with your puppy either outside, in the terrace or even inside your home. Dogs are pack animals, and they enjoy time they spend with us and other dogs. Playtime provides benefits for your dog’s physical and mental health as well. Here are some ways that playtime will enrich your dog’s life.

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