Adopting a pet in India

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Adopting pets in India

Deciding to get a pet can be a life changing decision.

And adopting a pet instead of buying, makes that decision even more special πŸ’–

5 easy steps to adopt a pet in India

Step 1. Learn about the Indie breed in detail.

Pet Adoption in India

The Indie or commonly called the "desi dog" is actually one of the oldest known races of dogs! They descend from an old dog group called "pye" dogs. And hence they get the name "pariah" dog. Some say this race of dogs are as old as 4,500 years! They have erect ears, a wedge-shaped head, and a curved tail.

Some common traits of the indie dog are:

  • They are easily trainable. In fact they are one of the most trainable dogs in the world and can hold up to 400 commands in their brains!
  • They are super smart and commonly used as guard or police dogs. So in addition to being a loving family member, your dog will also be excellent at protecting you home. We dont like to call them alarm systems, but hey, they are going to do that anyway :)
  • They are very loyal to their alphas. One of the most loyal breeds, they will do anything for their alphas. So the "Marley and me" heart warming effect ( if you have seen the movie) is bound to happen to you!

We have written an in-depth article on Indie dogs for you to read in peace. 

Step 2. Research adoption centers in your area. 

Dog Adoption in India

Adoption centers exist in every city in India. You can research the nearest adoption center close to you. You can also try out your friends circle to see if anyone has a dog or cat that they can recommend for adoption. You'll be surprised how effective a whatsapp text, an  FB/insta post can be. Blue Cross of India should always be your first bet. You can also pick a pup off the street, however there are a few things to keep in mind before doing this.

  • Whether an adoption center or your local area pup, ask around to see if you can understand the pups nature and temperament. 
  • Research the adoption center/friend to know their background and if the person caring for the pup is passionate about animals. 
  • This is also a fun phase. Almost like researching your house/car/mobile etc. Involve your family members, and make it a good activity to get everyone interested. 

Poochles has a list of adoption centers and people with pets for adoption that you are more than welcome to use! πŸ’ͺ

Step 3. Take time to bond with your future soulmate. 

Adoption places in India

Do not be impulsive about choosing your dog/cat to adopt. Love at first sight does exist, but research shows that people that take their time to choose their pet before adoption, have happier pet parenthoods. You want to make sure you and your pet gel with each other. Think of it like the scene in Avatar where he chooses his dragon. Similarly, It's a worthwhile exercise to spend time choosing your pet.

  • Spend a few days bonding with the pup, be it at an adoption center or from the street. Visit the pup a couple of days, spend time around him. Make your presence comfortable to the animal. Don't feed him anything yet. Just speak in soft tones and see if he reacts to your persona.
  • Dont feel scared to pet them or hold your future pet. Everyone has an initial hump, but this is an important step in bonding with your animal before adoption. At the same time, be careful they dont nip or scratch you just yet. 
  • Most caretakers at the adoption centers will be more than helpful in helping you bond with your pet. Ask questions and feel extremely comfortable with your animal. You are creating a bond for life!

Once you have locked your pet down, now its simple and easy from here on! 

Step 4. Prepare for homecoming

How to Adopt a dog in india

If its an adoption center, they may have some basic formalities for you to finish. Complete the documentation. This is actually very helpful for you as well, to hold on to adoption documents.

  • The first thing you do, is take your pet straight to the vet. So get an appointment with the vet prior to picking up your animal from the shelter/street. Get your vet to examine your animal and give any necessary vaccination. 
  • On the day of homecoming, make sure you have everyone at home prepared and mentally ready. Also make sure you have all the essentials : treats, toys, food, leash, collar etc. 
  • Also make sure you have explained to your neighbors/friends that you are welcoming a new family member. Make it a special occasion for yourself and your close ones. A happy positive homecoming goes a long way for all parties involved. πŸ€— 

Remember to choose your name for your pet. Here is our guide on choosing pet names

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Step 5. Get your furbaby acclimatized to his new home!πŸ’–

How to Adopt a dog in india

Bringing your adopted pet home is a special occasion for you, but it can be disorienting for your pet. Imagine your poor dog or cat, being shifted from a familiar surrounding to a strange new place. Give your dog the space and time it needs to get used to his new family.

  • Let your adopted pet sniff around and spend time getting comfortable. Use soft tones, and pleasing words. Praise them with "Good Boy!" or "Good Girl!" as often as you can the first few days.  
  • Train them starting day one. The quicker you train them on the essentials, the smoother the transition. The essential commands to train from day one are "Yes!", "No!", and potty training. Read our guide on how to potty train your pet.  
  • Get your pet familiarized with an eating schedule. Give them their food and water in their bowl in a designated spot and a designated time. This will quickly make them understand they are in a happy and safe place.  

That's it! Now you're on your way to a champion pet parent! Welcome to experiencing bliss!  πŸ™Œ

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