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  • Intersand Odourlock Cat Litter

    Product Description When it comes to clay litter, nothing is more powerful than Intersand's ODOURLOCK. Through the years, we have developed breakthrough technologies that are now reflected in our ODOURLOCK...
    Rs. 1,725.00
  • Cat Exclusive Scoopable Cat Litter - 10Kgs - Poochles

    Cat Exclusive Scoopable Cat Litter - 10Kgs

    Product Description Quick Clumping - It has a highly absorbent formula that absorbs faster and clumps quickly. This makes cleaning a breeze as its mess-free easy cleanup. Superior odor control...
    Rs. 1,050.00
    Rs. 1,000.00
  • Eco Soft® Cat litter - 6 Litres

    Product Description Eco Soft® Cat litter is the granule shaped material that is used in litter boxes or trays to absorb urine and moisture from feces of the cat and...
    Rs. 699.00
  • Cat's Best Original Cat Litter - 2.1kg

    Product Description As a clumping cat litter, Cat‘s Best Original uses the natural power of active wood fibres, which effectively absorb liquids and odours – up to seven times their...
    Rs. 695.00
  • Cat Litter Scoop Assorted Colours

    Product Description The cat litter needs to be cleaned on regular basis. If not cleaned on regular basis it can cause odor within the house and is unhygienic for your...
    Rs. 180.00
  • Versele laga Oropharma Deodo Cat Litter Deodorizer

    Product Description Versele-Laga Oropharma Deodo Cat Litter Deodorizer is a powder-based formula that contains odour binding agents that neutralises and absorbs unpleasant litter tray odours and helps in maintaining the...
    Rs. 1,000.00
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