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Potty Training Your New Puppy!

Consistency and education will ensure a well-trained pet. Potty training your pup must begin at a very young age. Dogs at a very young age are taught by their mothers to never relieve themselves inside the den by removing their feces and urine without out leaving any trace of it. As puppies grow older they learn from their mothers to use outside areas.

Firstly, a feeding pattern is to be followed regularly. Puppies, depending on their age, eat about 4 to 5 times a day. Their bladders are small so urine and feces tend to be expelled at short intervals.

Take your puppy outside periodically (once in two hours)  and mark a certain area as its bathroom spot. Do not rush the puppy while it is doing its job. Take your puppy to the same spot each time it wants to excrete. You can also use training pads and place them in the same place and encourage them to pee over it. 

Observe and supervise the puppy’s behavior. Watch out for signs that your puppy needs to go out. These signs may include barking, scratching or running aimlessly. Once the job is done at the right place, reward your puppy with a treat.

When by mistake the puppy defecates within the house or he gets caught while doing the act, immediately voice out the command “OUTSIDE” and lead him to his bathroom spot.  Make sure you don't scare the puppy.

In addition, pick a bathroom spot within the house which the puppy can use when you are away. Though this may prolong the house training process, it can come help while you are away. 

Do not keep changing the spot and ensure to keep the bathroom spot clean and scented. If it is dirty, the puppy will be unable to associate the spot to a place where he can relieve himself.

Potty training is essential and just a little extra effort to make your dog more responsible and obedient. Don't get stressed take over this mildly complicated process and ruin your bonding with your pet.


Potty Training Your New Puppy! – Poochles India
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Potty Training Your New Puppy! – Poochles India
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Potty Training Your New Puppy! – Poochles India
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Potty Training Your New Puppy! – Poochles India
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Potty Training Your New Puppy! – Poochles India
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