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Teaching your Dog The Basic Commands

Teaching your dog basic obedience can take a lot of time and exhaust us. This is because dogs usually have very short attention spans. It is desirable to start obedience training at a very young age. Puppies can perceive commands swiftly when training is done repetitively.

Basic commands training must be done in quick sessions and are to be done during their playtime. These commands should not impart fear in the dogs but rather discipline.

Repetition is key in training. Once the training becomes a part of the dog’s day, slowly increase the time you train them.

Highly obedient dogs are a result of a determined owner who lets the dog to make mistakes and fix them in the right way.

Remember, good training comes from regular correction and reward. Obedience training also acts as an opportunity for the owner to bond well with his furry companion.


Start training in a quiet place with people around whom the dog can trust. Start training your dog for 10 minutes every day and increase afterward.


-Get your pooch's favorite treat and place it close to his muzzle.
-Hold it in such a manner that the dog drops his back and does not jump.
-Slowly move the treat and let the dog follow you around in small steps.
-Once his back meets the floor, give him the treat and pronounce the word “SIT”
-Repeat this training often and associate the word “SIT” with it every time.


This command comes handy when your dog is into some trouble or being troublesome.

-Start this when your dog is in a sitting position
-Hold his collar and say the command “STAY”
-Stay by his side for a few seconds and move away from him
-If your dog doesn’t follow you, appreciate him and give him his favorite treat as a sign of appreciation
-Never use this command as a form of punishment.


-Tempt your dog towards you with the display of a treat or pull him gently by his collar.
-Say the command “COME” as he moves towards you and give him treats immediately.

    This command creates a sense of belief to the dog that you both are attached to each other. It helps keep the dog to stay with you at all times.

    Never miss out on giving your dog a treat each time he follows the command.

    Remember, dog obedience training is the use of “one word one command”. Do not use the commands as a mode of punishment.

    Take time and remember to begin the training only when you are in the right mindset and willing to practice patience.

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