The dog king breed of India - The Indian Street dog or "Indie"

Forever disregarded as the scum of the street, Indies are making a comeback. And for good reason too.

Strong, lively, and very adaptable. Do you need anything else? 

The Indian Paraiah Dog

The myth behind the Indie dog

They are everywhere on the street, so they can't be cool right?

Indie dogs come with a bad rap. Similar to the bad reputation that the "Pitbull" breed in America suffers from. Indie dogs are known to be lowest rung in the dog breed ladder, and often thought of as a dangerous breed to have inside the house. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Myths about Indian Dogs

Top 3 Indie dog myths

Is the Indie the right breed for me?

What if I regret later...

Indie dogs have some characteristics that help them stand out for the Indian sub continent. Some of the characteristics will help them stand out among other breeds.

Difference between Indie mongrels and purebreed dogs

Comparing Indie Mongrels with Purebreed Dogs

Steps to adopt an Indie

Its actually not that hard!

Adoption Indie dogs

Steps to take to adopt an indie dog

Read up on our article on the 5 simple steps to adopt an Indie dog.

How to adopt an indie dog in india

Looking to adopt an Indie dog?

The right place to find your future fur-buddy

Adoption Centers for Dogs

Adoption centers around the country

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