Puppy Essentials - What Do You Need for A New Puppy

Welcoming a New Puppy Home is an exciting phase! Are you Ready? 

New Puppy Checklist: Here is everything you need to be ready to welcome your new puppy home!

Welcome to our guide on how to bring a new puppy dog, and getting your home and home members ready for the new four legged friend.

Before you can get your puppy home, ask yourself some very important questions! Are you the kind of person who loves being loved? Do you like responsibility? Do you not mind some hair here and there? Do you like to be the center of attraction in your neighbourhood? If so, then you perfect for being a right pet parent and welcoming your new family member a puppy!

There are some important things to look out for, and get ready, in order to help your dog and yourself be happy with each other.

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • Important things to consider
  • Deciding on your Dog Breed.
  • Steps to Take Before Getting the Puppy Home
  • Welcoming the puppy home
  • Get All the Necessary Essentials

Important Things To Consider

Guidelines to Get A new Puppy Home

A little preparation goes a long way in setting up your dog and yourself for success. We dont want to paint a rosy picture for you and leave you unprepared. At the same time we dont want you to miss out on one of the greatest joys of human existence.

Dogs are Man's Best Friend, for a Reason!

Dogs can relate to you better than your wife, husband, son or daughter. Even your own blood parents. Yup, not kidding. We make this statement in full confidence. Man shares a divine bond with this creature called dog, that is inexplicable. Isn't it funny that even god will punish you for wrongdoing, but a dog will always only forgive, forgive and forgive? No matter what you do?

That said, dogs come with some responsibility. You have to be ready and mentally prepared for that responsibility. Its not rocket science, but it definitely takes some getting used to.

Can you Stick to a Routine?

Just like brushing your teeth in the morning, checking your social media at night, you have to stick to some basic routine elements for your dog. Like taking him for a walk, feeding him on time, playing with him etc. Nothing too difficult, but responsibilities nonetheless.

Are you ready for some potty training?

When you bring a new human baby in this world, you will have atleast 2 years of diaper changing, crying bouts, sleepless nights etc. While dogs arent that whiny, they still will cause messes in the house the first few months. You will need to be prepared to clean your house of some poop and piss the first 4-9 months. Be ready for this.

Some Hair on the couch ok?

While some dogs shed less, almost all dogs shed. Some, a LOT! So you have to be ready to for some hair on your floor, couch and clothes. Just get a good hair mop, and a lint roller and you should be fine. We know a lot of potential pet parents are put off by the hair, but trust us, a thousand other people have taken the plunge. So Can You!

"Being Mentally prepared is the first step in a long term happy relationship with your dog"

Can You Give your Dog Proper Exercise?

This is important. Just like some cardio and exercise is good for you, its just as important for dogs to play around and have walks. If you are a slacker when it comes to exercise, get a dog! Perfect way for both of you to stay in shape! If you live in a small apartment, no problem! Just a 30 minute play session on your terrace or on the street is more than enough! Alternate the play session with a dog walk on leash every other day, and you are golden!

Deciding on the Right Breed of Dog For You!

Choosing the perfect puppy dog for your home can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. So many questions run through your mind: "What kind of dog should I get?" "What's the best dog breed for me?" "Will he be a good fit with my family?"

This is a huge decision, and one of the most important ones you will make. A dog breed resonates your style and character. Are you cute and funny person? A beagle might suit you. Are you loving and friendly person? A labrador might suit your style. Are you a person that loves taking walks and the outdoors, a doberman or alsation might suit you. BUT NO MATTER THE KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE, AN INDIE DOG WILL SUIT YOU! 

We can't stress this enough, there is no better feeling that adopting an Indie dog, and having him bond with you for life. They are cost effective, beautiful, very healthy dogs and very self sufficient. If you are open to adopting, please ADOPT! Poochles will help you every step of the way!

Read up on our indepth article on the benefits and negatives of adopting a dog in our article here.

"Adopting an Indie Dog can be one of the best decisions you ever take in your entire life. Even better than your choice of college to go to or brand of car to drive in"

Steps to Take Before Getting the Dog Home

Before you welcome a new puppy into your home, you’ll need to make sure your space is ready for them.

First talk to your neighbours and let them know you will be getting a dog. Not necessary but trust us, this is a great first step.

If there are kids in the house, give them a proper talking to, about their new home member. What they can do, and what they shouldn't do.

Designate spots in your house that will be meant for the puppy. The puppies room, play area, leash area etc 

Anything within reach should be “puppy proof” (safe for chewing or swallowing), and everything else should be covered or placed out of the puppy’s reach. Remove items are dangerous to dogs, like chocolate, bubble gum and small objects from the puppies reach.

Budget out about 1000 - 2000 per month for your dog on average. This is more than sufficient for his Food, treats, toys and vet visits.

"The week of getting the dog home can be the most exciting phase. Cuteness Overload is guaranteed" 

Welcoming the Puppy Home

Getting A New Puppy Home

Remember that the first few days or weeks will be an adjustment period – not just for you and your family, but for your puppy too. The puppy will be adjusting to its new surroundings and its separation from the rest of its litter. There is often a lot of crying (from the puppy) as it gets used to its new way of living.

When welcoming the puppy into your home, it is best to do it at a time when you are sure that you can be with the puppy for more than just brief moments. In fact, as much as possible, avoid leaving your puppy alone during this period.

It is natural for puppies at the age of 8-10 weeks to easily develop a bond with its new owner, but this owner-pet bond will not happen as smoothly if you are not at home during this crucial period. Spend at least a week or two with your new puppy to help it adjust and to create a strong bond between you and your new pet.

Naming The Puppy

Naming the puppy is an important and very essential step in the bond you form with your puppy. Dont name him before you get him home and spend a couple of days with him. It usually is fun to watch him exhibit his traits and then name him. Do it as a family exercise. If you have kids at home, it will be a fun exercise to get your kids to suggest names for the dog as well.

Make sure you repeat the name several times a day the first few weeks for the puppy to register his name. Give him treats or praise him lovingly when he responds to his name.

Basic Training For The Puppy

Every interaction between you and your puppy has the potential to build your bond and teach something new, and there’s no reason you can’t get started right away. Dogs can learn over 200 commands. So go crazy! Here are some basic training considerations to keep in mind:

  • Potty train from day one.
    Your dog needs to know exactly where you expect him to do his business. Prevent accidents so he also learns where not to go. Accidents are bound to happen, just like with little children, so when a mistake happens, clean it up with an enzymatic urine cleaner. Read up on how to effectively potty train your little puppy here.
  • Set the house rules.
    For example, decide if your puppy can go on the furniture and who is in charge of mealtimes and walks. To prevent confusing your puppy, make sure your entire family is on board and consistent.
  • Teach your new puppy basic behaviors like watch me, sit, or down. With positive reinforcement-based training, you can encourage good manners in even very young puppies. If you’re struggling with your new puppy, sign up for the poochles+ program and reach out to one of our specialists for help.
  • Look for a puppy class. Puppy kindergarten helps with both socialization and training. Search for a training club in your area.
  • Read some basic tips and trick you can teach your puppy on our training tips blog article here.
  • Set goals for down the road. Training basic manners can lead to all kinds of fun dog activities.

Things You Will Need For Your Puppy

Its absolutely essential to get your puppy kit ready for a happy home for yourself and a healthy environment for your puppy.

Here are the main things you will need to start your puppy parenthood journey.

Dog chew toys
A new puppy will chew anything in her path—your shoes, furniture and even throw rugs. Make sure you have plenty of dog toys for her to chew instead, and always offer a toy when you catch her chewing on something else. We recommend starting with a variety, as different breeds and individual puppies gravitate toward different toys. It will take some trial and error to figure out what your new puppy likes best. Start with a variety hard rubber busy toys that can be stuffed with dog treats or fillings like peanut butter. These can help keep your puppy occupied.

Leash and collar
Introduce your puppy to her leash and collar or harness, and get her accustomed to wearing it by letting her wear it in the house prior to taking going outside for walks. Don’t drag your puppy as she acclimates to the sensation; allow her to move at her own pace.

Puppy food and bowls
Puppies need to eat about three times a day and require a bowl of fresh water nearby. Purchase high-quality pet food recommended by your vet or breeder, and serve it in a stainless steel dog bowl (steel collects less bacteria over time than plastic).

An enzyme cleaner
Even the best-trained puppy will have an accident at some point, and it should be cleaned up within seconds, when possible. The difference between enzyme cleansers like Nature’s Miracle cleaners and your regular household spray is that the enzymes will eliminate odors that only your dog can smell, reducing any reminder that she's gone potty in any particular part of your house. Avoid any cleaning agent that contains ammonia—the chemical smells just like pee to a dog, and dogs love going where they've gone before.

To learn more about Pet Parenting, check out our FAQ page where we have answers to Common Pet Parent Questions!

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