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Should We Buy A Breed Dog Or Adopt A Dog?

Dogs are the most lovable beings on this planet and are man’s best friend! Considering that you are a humane and thoughtful person, you must be aware that adoption is always the best option when it comes to including a furry and four-legged animal into your family.

If you still aren't convinced, let us save you some time and do the job of listing out the simplest reasons on why to adopt a dog.


Every year there are thousands of dogs that are let alone to wander the streets of our society. Adopting a dog is equivalent to rescuing a dog from the wrath and loneliness of the streets, thus giving it a whole new family and abundant love! This act changes the whole world for the dog. Mongrels are more intelligent than most breed dogs and beautiful.


Adoption helps save you a lot of money and costs you nothing. You can choose from a variety of mongrels, different colors and sometimes you might be lucky to get to adopt pedigree breeds as well!

When you adopt mongrels, the average cost for taking care of them and their maintenance is much lower than growing up breed dogs.  

Adopting mongrel

Animal Shelters:
Adopting a dog from the shelter does not cost you anything. There are many private and government shelters like the Blue Cross, where you could visit them to adopt a dog. At these facilities, adoption may include more add-ons such as vaccines, sterilization, etc.


Special Events:

Shelters often conduct special events such as adopt-a-thons, where you can adopt a dog. You might also find trained older dogs, who will be great for elderly people. Also during these events, you can expect bonuses, such as free dog grooming, dog supplies and also have a good time to be had by all.


Puppy mills are establishments that breed puppies for sale on an intensive basis and the conditions are regarded as inhumane. Dogs that come from puppy mills and breeders are grown in cramped conditions with very little concern towards their needs and health. Puppies that are bought from puppy mills and breeders are known to have many health conditions, as their health conditions are not screened. Furthermore, when you buy a puppy from a puppy mill you don't really get to know its family! How horrid is that because a family is all that a being has and knowing the family of the puppy can always help you establish a good relationship with your puppy. Adoption can put a stop to all this cruelty and inhumanity.


It has been recorded in the last few years, the population of pets has increased immensely. There are too many dogs in the streets that suffer a lot of trauma and die in hunger. There are not many shelters in India to take care of these dogs. Furthermore, overpopulation can be controlled by sterilizing dogs placed in communities.

Well, we have delivered it all to you on why to adopt a dog and now the right choice is yours to make.

Dogs can also be your soulmate. So, go on and find your soulmate!

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Wow How nicely you have explained why one should go for adoption. Very well explained. I also represent an initiative that works towards stray dogs in Delhi.
We at Let The Tails Wag truly believes that people should go for adoption. #adoptdontshop. Let The Tail Wag is an initiative by Ms. Ittika Duggal and is a platform where one can adopt a dog in Delhi. We also rescue abandoned, injured, and stray dogs in distress. It is involved in sterilizations of stray dogs for more than 7 years. Founder, Ittika Duggal feeds more than 60 stray dogs every day. If anyone interested in supporting our cause can visit the website and get in touch with us. Thanks.

Vikash Singh

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