How To Spend Valentine's Day With Your pets

Valentine's day has its roots in humans expressing their feelings for each other. Showing the people you care about, how much you love them, always has a special feeling associated with it. It fires certain hormones in the human body that promote warmth, oneness and happiness. Well, going by that, then valentines day is perfect for showing love for the ones that will give their all and everything for you without expecting anything in return : YOUR PET!  

Your pet embodies love in a way no other living thing can. They define unconditional love, and are always ready to give, give and give some more, even if you completely ignore them. Even a mother's love cannot compare to the love your pet feels for you! 

So in all fairness, if you are making plans for valentine's day, then you certainly should make plans to spend some special quality time with your pet as well! Your pet is your biggest supporter and number one fan, and planning a special Pet Valentine's Day is the perfect way to show you care.

Chocolate is obviously a bad idea and roses would go unappreciated, but there are other ways you and your furry friend can increase the bond you feel for each other.

Here are three ways to spend Valentine's Day with your pet.

1. Make Time For Your Pet and Do Something Together That they Love

If your dog's version of the perfect day involves taking a walk or a play session in the balcony or terrace or back yard, take him! Lace up your shoes and get going. It serves as a good cardio for yourself, lightens your mood, and your body secretes endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These are happiness hormones by the way :)
Your cat would leap for joy if you joined in on their playtime, and even birds have favorite games they like to play.

Whatever you do, remember it's all about them. Try not to think about that work meeting or that Netflix show that you need to binge watch. Dogs specifically can immediately sense when your attention is on them, and their happiness will no bounds. Just relax and enjoy spending time with your pet.

Your Pet Valentine's Day Plans should 100% include "Bonding" time with your pet. 

Read up on how to take your dog on a walk on a leash. 

2. Have A Treat Motivated Training Session

Wait? What? Training? How can training be fun?

Unlike humans, dogs love pleasing their parents. So a good training session where the dog can prove his chops by sitting, or jumping or shaking hands on cue, they feel a sense of intense accomplishment and satisfaction. 
Be very careful to not to use harsh methods like scolding or beating while having a training session. Poochles highly recommends only positive training like handing out treats for a job well done, and using a loud "NO!" to let them know they can improve. 

Training is always a very special bonding exercise and dogs love the treats as a reward for good work. Not much different from humans, like a promotion after a years long worth of hard work. 

Read up on how to train your dog to do simple tricks at home. 

3. Have a Pet Play Date 

What better way to treat your pets than to have them have a wonderful play session to tire themselves out with their friends. A perfect excuse for you to call a couple of your friends and order a nice pizza and chill out with some coffee, chai, beer or wine. 

Have a few doggy and cat treats around and watch the fur balls go crazy with excitement. The perfect place can be a terrace, back yard, a nearby park or even your living room with some Netflix! 

We believe in spreading positive vibes, and trust us, nothing drives positivity faster and farther than a couple of pets and best friends around. Soak in the happiness!

Here are some great affordable treats that are good for any breed!

Remember, even though your phone's photo gallery is already full of adorable pictures of your pets, valentine pictures are priceless keepsakes. Go crazy with those photographs! Make it a big deal by taking them to be groomed and pampered beforehand, and don't be afraid to get in front of the camera yourself. Selfies are okay, but you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Spending time with loved ones is the best Valentine's day gift. ( this holds true and works well for humans too :) ) 

Whether you look forward to February 14th every year or not, think outside the chocolate box when planning the purrfect Valentine's Day with your pet. Get creative and remember the most important thing is to let them know they're loved and appreciated. It's not just about plush toys, floral arrangements, rope toys or baked goods ! This special day is about spending quality time with your best friend!

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  • Jeremy HJan 28, 2020

    Great Article! Looking forward to spending time with my 2 year old labrador this valentines day.

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