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Walking You Dogs: Training Your Pup For Walks.

Every owner's responsibility to expose your dog to various activities and exercises. Walking your dog is one of the widely used methods of subjecting your furry companion to mental and physical stimulation. Dogs don't exercise on their own. Walks with your pet need attention and patience. 

Begin the training when your pet is a puppy, once all the necessary vaccination rounds are done. Puppies can comprehend the commands faster.

To begin, you should focus on making your puppy comfortable to wear a collar or a harness. Let the puppy wear the collar or harness alone without a leash for most of the day. Make sure that it is not too tight or too loose.

Once the puppy gets comfortable with wearing a collar or harness, attach a loose rope to it and let the puppy walk around in it. Do not have a grip on the rope.

Begin by introducing the pup to a safe environment while it is wearing a collar with a leash and hold the leash with good grip. Let the leash be a short one so that you the pup is always closer to you and the puppy also feels protected. This should create a mindset in the puppy that him and you are connected and this will ensure that the puppy will always stay close to you.

Keep walking in front of your dog. Let it show your puppy that you are the master and he has to follow you. At the same time also give your puppy time and freedom to explore the environment.

Carry sufficient amount of food and water while taking your dog for a walk, especially long ones. Let your pet always be hydrated during his walk. Make sure the weather is pleasant else the pavement may become too hot for your dog’s feet. Walks are usually done early in the morning or late evenings.

Reward your dog after his walk. Connect this exercise of walking every day as a part of his playtime. Every dog will love their walking sessions and it is a perfect way to bond with your pet.


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