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Iilio Shit-Off Training Spray For Puppies 175 ml x 2nos

Non-toxic and harmless formula. Natural botanical ingredients with a touch of fragrance. Helps Training dog to defecate at a particular area. This contains Pheromones which Induce puppy to react in...
Rs. 480.00

Smarty Pet Puppy Disposable Diapers

Smarty Pet diapers are very useful product for your pet. Redesigned with a way better fit than our previous diapers, Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers protect your home and give...
Rs. 420.00 Rs. 360.00

Simple Solution Dog Extreme Stain and Odour Remover

Simple Solution dog stain and odour remover is specifically formulated eliminate tough dog odours and stains. Stain and odour remover has a unique formula that contains pro bacteria and enzymes...
Rs. 595.00

Doggy Clean-Up Bags -50 pcs

Product Description Doggy clean-up bags are one of must-have in every pet parent's household. It has a lemon fragrance scent and has tie handles for easy disposal. Made with bio-degradable...
Rs. 350.00 Rs. 300.00

Simple Solution Disposable Diapers For Dogs

Simple solution disposable diapers for dogs help provide leakproof protection and eliminate dog urine messes. Each diaper features a tail hole, repositionable fur-friendly fasteners and a comfort leg fit to...
Rs. 650.00

Trixie Diapers for Male Dogs-Disposable 12 pieces

Trixie Diapers for Male Dogs-Trixie diapers are very useful product for your pet. Redesigned with a way better fit than our previous diapers, Trixie Disposable Dog Diapers protect your home...
Rs. 850.00

Captain Zack PetMe, My Floor Is Sanitized! Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

PetMe, My Floor is Sanitized! is a research-based unique, alcohol-free disinfectant which effectively keeps floors and surfaces clean and bacteria-free for me to roll over!My favourite surface cleaner is a 100% plant-derived, eco-friendly...
Rs. 685.00

Bark Butler Fofos Dog Poop Bag Set - 34 Clean Up Bags with 1 Dispenser

Bark Butler Fofos Dog Poop Bag Set is a must-have for every dog parent. With 34 Clean Up Bags and 1 Dispenser, this Bark Butler Fofos Poop Bag Set is perfect...
Rs. 550.00 Rs. 390.00

Petkin Pet Blood Stop Swabs-24 Swabs

Petkin Pet Blood Stop Swabs-Helps stop minor bleeding from cuts, scrapes and clipping. Contains fast-acting styptic solution. Includes lidocaine for pain. Features Petkin Blood Stop Pet Swabs for Cats &...
Rs. 330.00

Kennel Fresh Lavender Deodorizer - 500ml

Kennel Fresh Lavender Deodorizer : Kennel Clean provides technologically advanced cleaning action. By penetrating porous floor surfaces Kennel Clean degrades and eliminates organic matter, such as food spills, animal waste, and...
Rs. 150.00

Fourpaws Keep Off Indoor & Outdoor Dog & Cat Repellant Spray-473ml

Crates, dog beds, and cat posts: these are the places every pet pal can go. Sofas, fancy rugs, and the garden: for some pet pals, these are always off limits....
Rs. 1,799.00

Portable Pet Poop Scooper With Long Handle

Rs. 550.00 Rs. 520.00