Stray Dogs - 5 Ways You Can Change A Stray Dog's Life

Ever looked at the stray dog in your community and wondered how you can be of help to them? Then this article is just for you and your kind heart.

Stray dogs or street dogs are a growing population in India. With more than 30 Million Stray Dogs in India, streets dogs are also facing an increase in cruelty and scarcity of food.

Stray Dogs Help

But with new laws from the government for stray dogs, giving them the right to be fed, things are changing for the better for both street dogs and the people who help them out.

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • Feeding Stray Dogs
  • Helping A Wounded Dog
  • Sterilizing Stray Dogs
  • Reporting Animal Cruelty 
  • Adopting A Stray Dog

So, let's go ahead and look at the 5 ways you can help your community dog or any stray dog.

Feeding Stray Dogs

The most feasible and easiest step you can take to help stray dogs is to feed them. Unlike pets, stray dogs have limited access to regular food.

You can change this by whipping up a bowl of rice or by making any safe human food for dogs and giving it to them.  

How To Feed Stray Dogs

If you don't have the time to make a meal for them, then feeding them affordable dog treats and unflavored biscuits are also good options.

When feeding a street dog, keep in mind to choose a regular spot that is safe for both you and the dogs. 

Clean up any food or plastic waste after you feed a stray dog

Helping A Wounded Dog

If you find a wounded or scared dog in your community, the most effective step you can take is to contact an animal shelter or a dog center.

Inform them regarding the dog’s state, (i.e.) if they are injured/sick etc.

Helping Wounded Stray Dog

You can provide the Pooch with water or food until help arrives. But, Do Not Force Them.

If they seem aggressive, it is probably because the dog is frightened and you should wait till the help arrives. 

Sterilizing Stray Dogs

Another way you can make a difference is by helping to control the stray dog population.

Spaying or neutering is surgical sterilization, i.e., in female dogs, the uterus and ovaries are removed and in male dogs, the testicles are removed.

Sterilizing stray dogs ensures they do not reproduce, which keeps control of their growing population.

Stray Dogs Sterilization

Contact your nearest NGO for information related to sterilizing stray dogs. When doing so, you can also get your community dog vaccinated for diseases like rabies.

You can check out Blue Cross India for details regarding Animal Birth Control.

Reporting Cruelty Against Stray Dogs

The voice you raise against animal cruelty today, will make a huge difference in the life of street dog’s tomorrow.

If you see someone in your community abusing a dog - Report them.

You can also improve the life of stray animals by learning and educating others on the laws/rights that both stray dogs and the people who help them have.

Adopting A Stray Dog

The biggest change you can make in a stray dog’s life is by adopting them. We assure you, a visit to your nearest animal shelter will change both yours and the animal's life.

If you are looking to rescue your community dog, a visit to a Veterinarian is essential. Here is a guide for you on Adopting a Dog in India.

Adopting A Stray Dog

It is a sad fact that dogs are treated unfairly based on where and who they belong to. But with new laws and kind people like you, the lives of stray dogs are sure to change for the better.

Other than the 5 ways mentioned above, you can also contribute by raising funds, advocating for adoption and most importantly, by being kind and considerate to our furry friends.

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