How To Improve Your Dog's Digestion - 5 Ways To Restore A Dog's Gut Health

How To Improve Your Dog’s Digestion - If you have been searching for an answer to this question then you probably know how important digestive health is to your dog.

Just like a proper functioning digestive system plays a huge role in a human’s well-being, it also contributes to a canine’s overall health.

And since pet-parents are the one’s cleaning up their dog’s bowel movements, it is wise to be concerned if something seems out of order.

How To Improve Your Dog's Digestion

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • Digestive Health In Dogs
  • How To Improve A Dog’s Digestion
  • Take A Look At Their Diet
  • Make Their Food High In Protein
  • Get In More Physical Exercise 
  • Check For Allergies & Intolerance 
  • Include Vet Recommended Supplements

Digestive Health In Dogs

Digestion is the result of several organs and enzymes working together. Digestion in dogs occurs in some form or another in every part of the dog's digestive tract and would be inefficient without the proper functioning of an organ or enzyme.

How To Improve Your Dog's Digestion

The digestion and absorption of nutrients by your dog also decide the production of energy in their body. This energy when produced in ideal amounts directly impacts your pets day-to-day activities like playing, sleeping and much more.

Now in the case of indigestion or unhealthy digestive system in your dog, many of your dog’s daily activities get affected. From low energy and dehydration to obesity and heavy breathing - indigestion can cause extreme discomfort to your dog.

How To Improve A Dog’s Digestion 

Take A Look At Their Diet

The easiest and simplest way to improve a dog’s digestion is through their daily food. The food that your dog eats largely decides the kind of healthy microbiomes in their gut.

To ensure a healthy gut in your dog, choose a dog food that is made specifically to aid dog digestion or is made for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

One such dog food is Houndfresh. A high protein, low carb superfood that is free of additives and is made with natural and fresh ingredients.

How To Improve Your Dog's Digestion

Make Their Food High In Protein

As food plays a vital role to maintain a dog's digestive system, a change you can make to improve your dog’s diet is by making it high in protein.

Protein-rich dog food is easier for our natural carnivores to digest. Including raw meat (after consultation) can also improve your dog’s digestion.

Raw meat can enhance the enzymes found in your dog's digestive system, assisting them in breaking down and digesting the food.

Get In More Physical Exercise 

A no-brainer when it comes to improving your dog’s digestive system or helping them in digesting their food is through exercise.

The more your dog plays, runs and/or moves around - the more energy they use up which in turn results in faster digestion. 

How To Improve Your Dog's Digestion

Check For Allergies & Intolerance 

As mentioned above, what your dog consumes daily decides how effectively their digestive system is going to function.

To avoid improper digestion consult with your Vet and eliminate any food that can be insensitive to your dog’s digestive system. For example, if you find your dog is Lactose Intolerant - do not feed them dairy or any of its by-products.

This will ensure they do not end up with an upset stomach or any serious health issues in the long run.

Include Vet Recommended Supplements

In some cases, your veterinarian may suggest the inclusion of digestive supplements and vitamins for dogs. These vitamin supplements aid in the proper breakdown, absorption and overall digestive enzyme action in dogs.

But ensure you do not incorporate any supplement or vitamin into your dog’s daily diet without consulting with your Vet.

How To Improve Your Dog's Digestion

We also advise you to always consult with your Vet if you find your dog has indigestion.

Now that you have learnt about ways “To Improve Your Dog's Digestion” check out this blog to know If Dogs Can Eat Cheese!

Happy Pet Parenting!

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