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The days of searching Dr. Internet for your pet concerns are over. Poochles+ members can connect with pet specialists over convenient chat.

Here's to on-demand access to reliable pet care advice.

The Pet specialist Chat is open between 6.30-8.30 pm, Mon-Fri.

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6.30 - 8.30pm on weekdays.

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Vet tips for happy and healthy pets

How To Potty Train My Dog? 

One of the most essential training steps to carry out for your puppy is to properly housebreak him/her or potty train him/her. 

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Why is My Dog So Itchy? 

Three of the most common reasons for a healthy pet with normal skin to itch are: fleas, dry skin, or a coat in need of grooming.

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Is My Pet Overweight? 

Pet Weight Can Differ From Breed To Breed. Its Important to check for your breeds weight on a regular basis. 

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My Dog Has A Rash Under his Belly

Dogs Commonly get a rash if they play around in the grass or lie on a rug that is dirty for long. It is best to observe the dog. 

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Can I feed My Dog Fish Oil? 

While it is not essential to feed your oil fish oil if you maintain a healthy diet, for older dogs, omega supplements help with bone strength.

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My Puppy Constantly Barks :(

Barking is a natural way of your puppy to communicate with you his/her needs. Be  aware of what your puppy is barking for. 

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Poochles.in > Poochles+ Member > Poochles Specialist chat