Bull Dog Breed Features

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Vital Stats

Ideal For

Individual Homes & Flats


M: 22 kgs F: 18 kgs.

Life Span

8-10 Years

Highlights of The Breed


Bulldogs or the English Bulldogs have a long association with the english culture and are of the British origin.


Bull dogs are kind, courageous and dignified.There is not much aggression seen in this breed.


Bull dogs' coat need to be brushed twice a week with a soft comb. Their skin should be kept clean and dry to avoid infections.

Child Friendliness

They are well known for their attachment to kids, and hence loved by families. 

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Heat Tolerance


Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

Bull dogs require moderate exercises and prefer to just lay around near their human companions. Swimming is not recommended for bull dogs.

Some Information About BULLDOGs

Bulldogs are also called as the British Bulldog. They are medium sized . dogs, muscular and have a wrinkled face. They have a short tail either straight or screwed. These breed of dogs are known for their head strong character but are very good with other pets and children. They come in different coat colors that are shiny, smooth and short.

Bulldogs are usually used to represent the United kingdom. They do not need intense exercises and can do well in small homes as well with moderate walks everyday. They cannot tolerate heat, due to their small nasal cavities. It is important to keep bulldogs cool all the time.Bulldogs are sweet, easy going and very loyal. They like to please their human parents. Early socialization is required. according to AKC, they are the 5th most popular dog in the USA.

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