What You Should Add To Your Customized Dog Name Tags

Dog Name Tags - Every pet parent knows about this dog accessory, but not every pet owns it.

As the name suggests, pet ID tags, dog name tags or pet tags, are flat tags that can be attached to your dog’s collar or harness. These tags contain your pet’s name and other important information.

Dog Name Tags

Pet ID tags are essential for your pet.

In fact, if there was a checklist for your dog’s accessories it would be a) Dog Collar b) DOG TAGS.

Yes! Dog tags are that important for your pet.

But more often than not, dog name tags are ignored by pet parents. This small but vital pet accessory holds various benefits for You and Your Pet.

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • Why Are Dog Name Tags Important 
  • What To Add To Your Dog’s Name Tag?

Today, Dog Tags are available with numerous features like GPS tags, microchipped tags and much more. There are even add-ons like bells and trinkets that you can attach to your pet's tag to make it cuter!

But first, let's look at why your dog needs a name tag.

Why Are Dog Name Tags Important

Pet ID Tags Ensure Your Dog Is Safe

Unfortunately, the chances of your pet getting lost or pulling an escaping act on you are high.

In such a case, Dog Name Tags are the best precaution to have taken. They make it easier for you to find your Pooch and for those who found them to reach you out!

Dog Name Tags Are The Best Precaution

In case of a natural calamity or an unexpected event taking place, a pet with an ID Tag has a greater chance of being reunited with their parent than a pet who does not have a Name Tag.

Tags Make Your Dog More Approachable 

People are more likely to help a dog with a name tag than a dog without one.

Dog Tags indicate your pet belongs to a home and is not a stray dog. So, a dog tag naturally makes people feel safe enough to help your dog out.

Pet Name Tags Are Easier To Access Than Microchips

Not everyone has the knowledge or the means to check if a lost pet is microchipped. But with dog name tags, it is easier for the person to reach out to the pet parent by just giving them a call or bringing the pet back to their home.

Dog Name Tags

Now that we have established how important it is to ID your Dog with a name tag, let’s look at what you should add to your Dog’s Name Tag.

What To Add To Your Dog’s Name Tag?

Your Contact Information

Yes, the most important information to add to your dog’s tag is not their name but your (pet parent’s) contact information.

Your contact information is what the finder is going to use to reach out to you. It is also ideal to list an alternate contact number on the dog tag.

Your Pet’s Name

An obvious piece of information to add to your dog’s name tag would be their Name.

With various designs available, you can make your dog’s tag as trendy or as simple as you want it to be.

Your City & Address

If you are comfortable with sharing your address, then you can add it to your dog's tag.

Since tags do not have much space, you could either add the name of your city or attach another tag with your home address.

Pet Medical History & Personal Message

If space permits, you could also add information related to your pet’s health (ex: vaccinations, allergies) to inform the people who find him.

A message is also an added personal touch to your dog's name tag. And you can get as creative as you want with it.

Here are a few quirky examples of custom dog tags.

Customized Dog Name Tags
Custom Dog Name Tags
Personalized Dog Tags
Customized Dog Name Tags
Custom Dog Name Tags

Apart from this information, you can always customize your dog tags to suit you and your Pooch the best.

The main goal here is to get your dog ID-ed.

Now that you know What You Should Add To Your Dog Name Tags, Check out our blog to know How You Should Choose The Right Collar For Your Dog.

Happy Pet Parenting!



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