Vet Q&A - Diwali And Pet Safety

Diwali And Pets - With Diwali right around the corner, as pet parents, you must have many questions regarding your pet's safety and health during the Festival Of Lights.

With sweets, lights and games, Diwali is an exciting day to spend with your loved ones! 

But, even a joyful event like Diwali could turn harmful to dogs and cats if the right precautions and safety measures are not taken.  

Celebrating Pet-Friendly Diwali

So, to make sure you and your Pooch have a Diwali Celebration that brings you only joy - We asked our in-house Veterinarian Dr. Sushmitha to answer a few common pet parent questions on How to celebrate a pet-friendly Diwali.

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • About The Vet
  • Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Diwali Fireworks?
  • How To Help My Pet If He Is Stressed Out By Fireworks?
  • What To Do If My Dog Eats A Used Firework? 
  • Can I Give My Dog A Little Bit Of Diwali Sweets?
  • How Can I Celebrate A Pet-Friendly Diwali?

About The Vet

Graduate of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research, Dr. Sushmitha has received accolades in the Green Revolution Programme organised by the United Nations.

She has also worked with World Veterinary Service for Animal Welfare and describes herself as " A simple human being with immense love for Animals and Mother Nature".

Pet-Friendly Diwali - Frequently Asked Pet Parent Questions

Why Are Dogs Afraid Of Diwali Fireworks?

"Any being, be it a dog or a human would get startled if exposed to any sudden change in their usual environment.

Fireworks are no exception. Apart from being sudden, they reach an amplitude of over 150dB. Any sound above 85 to 90 dB causes a lot of stress to our dogs! Now, imagine what a 150dB+ would do?

Offhandedly speaking, animals rely a lot on their instincts and anything beyond their comprehension is another addition to undue stress."

Dogs & Diwali Fireworks

Poochles Tip - Pets are hypersensitive to loud noises and flashing lights. Some dogs have even suffered from health problems and mental distress as a result of the disturbance caused by a Diwali celebration which includes the bursting of fireworks.

That is why, as a pet parent, it is vital for you to celebrate a pet-friendly Diwali and provide them with extra care & safety.

How To Help My Pet If He Is Stressed Out By Fireworks?

"Most pets undoubtedly will be stressed during the blast of fireworks. A few things, one could initiate in their household to aid in minimising their dog's stress include:

  • Spend Time With Your Dog - Allow your pet indoors and spend more time with them especially during the show of fireworks. Your presence instils trust and will calm their instincts.
  • Keep Windows Closed - Roll down your curtains and close the doors, windows and such to reduce the influence of light and sound on your pet.
  • Groom Your Pet - You could also bathe your dog using calming shampoo whose principal ingredient is usually, Lavender.
  • Find Your Pet's Safe Spot - One could study your pet and find their comfort spot! Take them to these places when they are stressed and be with them.
  • Distract Your Dog From The Noise - You could also play TV or music to distract them from being startled by a sudden outburst of sound.

However, if one's pet is extensively stressed, one should visit the Vet so he could prescribe calming medications if needed."

Celebrating A Pet-Friendly Diwali

What To Do If My Dog Eats A Used Firework? 

"First off, take utmost care to prevent such a thing from happening. If such an event were to occur, rush to the Vet."

Poochles Tip - To ensure such incidents do not take place - you should always dispose of fireworks and other wastes properly in a place away from your pet's reach.  

Can I Give My Dog A Little Bit Of Diwali Sweets?

Diwali & Pet Safety

"Sweets may be given in very small quantities. Avoid sweets with much food colouring. Avoid milk-based sweets if your dog is lactose intolerant."

Poochles Tip
- As part of celebrating a pet-friendly Diwali, you can also make homemade dog treats that your pet will enjoy. This way your Pooch gets to experience a fun Diwali and stay healthy at the same time.

How Can I Celebrate A Pet-Friendly Diwali?

"This is a bit challenging, for each person has their perceptions and assumptions and thus it is difficult to control vicinity factors.

Simply put, a pet-friendly Diwali would include a lack of anything that would harm the environment or your pet."

We hope this Diwali brings joy to both you and your pet. Let us also remember to care for not just our pets but also for our four-legged friends who don't have pet parents.

Poochles wishes you a happy and safe Diwali.

Happy pet-parenting!


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