Vegetables For Dogs - Veggies That Are Safe & Unsafe For Dogs

Vegetables For Dogs - Living with pets, it is common for pet parents to share food from their daily diet with their dogs. From apples to carrots to that little slice of pizza - pet parents succumb to the puppy dog eyes and have shared various food with their pets.

But, as a pet parent have you ever wondered if these foods are safe for your dog? Or if they are even beneficial to them?

Can Dogs Eat Vegetables

If your answer is Yes. Then you have come to the right place!

In this blog, we will uncover if Vegetables are good for dogs and what the right vegetables for dogs are.

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • Can Dogs Eat Vegetables?
  • Vegetables Dogs Can Eat
  • Vegetables Dogs Can’t Eat

Can Dogs Eat Vegetables?

Dogs, as omnivores and successors of wolves - have naturally relied on and required diets that have been rich in protein.

But after years of domestication and consumption of commercial dog food - many dogs have grown to have a liking for fruits and vegetables!

So, Yes. Dogs can eat vegetables and these vegetables can also provide your dog with vitamins, minerals and many other benefits.

"NOTE - Always Consult With Your Vet Before Introducing A New Food or Changing Your Dog’s Diet."

But as dog parents, you should keep in mind that no matter how beneficial a vegetable may be - a dog’s diet should majorly contain proteins!

Can Dogs Eat Carrots

Vegetables Dogs Can Eat


A tasty and healthy low-calorie vegetable for dogs is carrots! Rich in various vitamins and high in fibre this vegetable acts as a perfect snack for dogs and as a healthy addition to their meals.


Beetroot is a root vegetable that aids in keeping your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. Beetroot contains high fibre, folic acid and various vitamins like Vitamin B12, A & C.

This vegetable helps dogs by regulating intestinal activities and increasing canine immunity.

Green Beans 

Unseasoned green beans are safe for dogs to eat. Full of fibre and low in calories - green beans make a perfect treat for dogs that they will love for sure. This vegetable for dogs is also rich in manganese, which supports bone health and promotes wound healing.


Yes, dogs can have peas. Peas are a vegetable that can be added to your dog’s meal, to provide them with the various health benefits this vegetable holds (vitamins, minerals and Proteins!).

It is also advised to give dogs plain and fresh peas and to avoid canned or flavoured peas.

Can Dogs Eat Vegetables


Another vegetable that dogs can enjoy is the famous - Potato. When cooked and unseasoned - potatoes make a delicious treat for dogs. But make sure to never feed your dog raw white potatoes as it contains solanine which can be toxic to them.

Other than white potatoes, another type of potato that is safe for your dog to consume and in fact is way healthier is - Sweet Potato. Rich in iron, magnesium and many other nutrients - Sweet Potato is a vegetable for your dog that also helps with an upset stomach!

Now that we have looked at the various vegetables that dogs can eat, let’s look at the types of vegetables that are unsafe for dogs to eat:

Vegetables Dogs Can’t Eat


A healthy vegetable for humans, garlic is a vegetable that can be extremely toxic to dogs. Part of the allium plant family, garlic contains compounds that disturb a dog’s systems. Consumption of this vegetable by dogs can cause various health issues ranging from diarrhoea to anaemia. 


Though store-bought mushroom is safe for dogs to eat, this veggie does not contain much nutrition. On the other hand, wild mushrooms are part of "vegetables for dogs" that should definitely be avoided. If wild mushrooms are consumed they can cause food poisoning in dogs, whose symptoms include - diarrhoea, excessive drooling and collapse.

Vegetables That Are Unsafe For Dogs


Another member of the allium plant family, just like garlic - onions are also toxic for dogs.

Eating onions can rupture your dog's red blood cells and cause nausea, diarrhoea and stomach pain in dogs. If you find your dog showing such symptoms after an accidental consumption of this vegetable - it is advised to call the Vet immediately.


Although a ripe tomato is generally safe for dogs, the green unripe tomato contains a toxic substance called Solanine. This solanine, if ingested by dogs, can damage their kidneys and digestive tract. 

As important as it is to choose the right vegetable for your dog, it is equally important to prepare the vegetable in the right manner. Make sure to chop vegetables for dogs in bite-sized pieces that will not cause any obstruction. 

You should also consult with your Vet before introducing any veggies to your dog’s diet. Remember that each dog is unique and has different health requirements.

Can Dog Eat Vegetables

Now that you know which vegetables are safe for dogs to eat. Check out our blog to learn about the various fruits that dogs can eat.

Happy pet parenting!

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