Rice is the most popular and staple food in India and also across many parts of the world. Feeding rice for dogs is greatly recommended.  The surprising fact is many of the commercial dog foods are manufactured with rice as the base ingredient.

What Are the Benefits Of Feeding Rice For Dogs? 

1. Rice contains carbohydrates which serve as the energy source for your pets.

2. Rice does not contain harmful cholesterol and fats.

3. Feed rice for dogs with digestive problems and diarrhea is good because rice gets digested easily and regulates bowel movements. However, brown rice is not recommended for pets with digestive problems.

4. Brown rice is rich in fiber and more difficult to digest than white rice.

5. Feeding rice for pets is also cost-effective for pet parents.

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    How to Feed Rice For Dogs?

    White or brown rice should always be cooked with water or steamed and fed for dogs. Never feed uncooked and undercooked rice as it might cause stomach problems for your pets. Uncooked rice cannot be digested well.

    Mix boiled rice with cooked boneless chicken or meat and serve them to your pooches. Boiled vegetables like peas, carrots, and potatoes can also be mixed along with the rice. Ensure to feed a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients to your pet.

    Quantity And When To Feed Rice for Dogs:

    The amount of rice fed to dogs is to be regulated. Feeding too much of rice might cause your pup to gain excessive weight. Limit serving rice to small quantities and split them between the two meals.   

    Rice also has a property to increase blood sugar levels. Hence, feeding rice for dogs who are diabetic should be very limited. Consider a vet before feeding rice for diabetic dogs. Fresh homemade rice can be fed once a day and the other meal can be the commercial dog food.

    Always remember to buy a premium grade of rice to feed your dogs. Low-grade rice may just contain fillers and empty calories. Prepare and serve rice fresh for your pets. Rice can be cooked and stored in a proper airtight container for one day and can be served. Do not add any seasonings to the food. A healthy pooch is always happy.