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Rawhide For Dogs: What Is Rawhide Made Of And Where Can I find Rawhide?

Rawhide is made from animals skin that has not undergone the process of tanning. It is very popular in the manufacturing of rawhide dog treats. Rawhide for dogs make a tasty snack and let us get to know more about rawhide.

Rawhide For Dogs: What Is Rawhide Made Of?

Rawhide is made from the inner layer skin of cows. They are cleaned, dried and molded into different shapes or pieces to be added into dog treats. Flavors such as chicken, liver, and beef are also added to to the rawhide to make it more tasty for pets. 

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Benefits Of Rawhide For Dogs:

Dogs love to chew and they need to chew to satisfy their instinct.  Rawhide for dogs act as a long-lasting chew and helps to relieve pressure. Chewing helps in stimulating your dogs and for puppies, it is a great alternative rather than biting shoes and furniture.

When rawhide treats are chewed, they help your dog's teeth to be kept clean. They also help in preventing tartar and plaque build up. 

Where To Find Rawhide For Dogs:

Rawhide is found in a variety of dog treats, bones, and chews. They can be given as a tasty snack once a day. This will help them to satisfy the pup's urge to chew and also keep their teeth clean. Some dog toys also contain rawhide. 

Choosing The Right Rawhide For Dogs:

a. Rawhides are safe for your dogs unless not consumed in very large amounts. One rawhide treat is recommended for a day.

b. We should also make sure that we purchase a rawhide from a good brand. Rawhides needs to be cleaned properly while manufacturing. If rawhides are not cleaned well, they might cause bacterial infections to your pets when consumed. Hence, always choose a brand that keeps up their standards.

c. Very young puppies can be kept away from rawhide treats as it might be very hard for them to chew.

d. Give rawhide to your pets in a relaxed environment so that they enjoy chewing. This will also prevent them to swallow junks of rawhide pieces which might lead to obstructions.

e. Check on how your pet's tummy react on eating rawhides. Some dogs may be allergic to rawhide treats and result in diarrhea. 

It is best to consult a vet before you start giving any kind of food to your pets. Individual dog needs vary according to their age, breed and health conditions. 



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