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Keep Your Dogs Cool In Summer From The Scorching Heat! Tips For Indian Pet Parents.

India being a tropical country is mostly hot throughout the year. The heat hits its peak during summer (mid-March to Early June) and temperatures are constantly rising every day as we get into the hotter months. Ok, so what do pet parents need to know during these months? We need to keep your dog cool in summer and protect them from the rising temperature. Heat stroke is very common in human and animals. Let us discuss on ways to cool down your dog.

Signs Of Dehydration In Dogs:

a. Sunken Eyes

b. Excessive Panting

c. Reduced Energy and not interested in play.

d.Not eating properly.

e. Pale gums and Red gums

Tips to Keep your dogs cool in summer-Poochles

Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer:

a. Monitor the amount of water that your dog drinks and always place clean water in a large bowl.  You could also add ice cubes to the water.

b. Avoid walking your dog when the temperature is high. Wait for the sun to set to walk your dog and the morning walks can be done before 7 am. 

c. Offer chilled cucumber slices and watermelon pieces with the seeds removed. Your dogs will love these treats and will also help to keep your dog cool in summer.

d. Never leave your dogs outside the house especially during midday. Always keep them in cool and shady places. If possible you could keep them inside an airconditioned room when the temperature is at its peak.

e. Wet a towel with cold water and wrap your dog in it. You could also make them lie down on wet towels. These will keep your dog cool in summer seasons.

f. Trim your dog's hair if they are very long but never shave off their hair completely.

g. Bathe your dogs once a week and avoid too much shampoo. Just drenching them in water during the day will be refreshing for them.

Summer is hard for your dogs as well just like us. These simple tips might help prevent heat stroke in pets and get them going through these hot months. 

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