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How To Teach Your Dog To Shake Hands?

Teaching the trick of getting your dog to shake hands is very easy and your pooches learn it very quickly as well. This training is very popular and is great to impress your friends and family. These kinds of training improve the bonding between you and your pet.

Steps To Train Yor Dog To Shake Hands:

Foremost, your dog must be trained to sit first. Only in the sitting position, your pup can shake hands. If you like to know first on how to teach your pups the basic commands like sit, stand, etc, please read our article here.

Once you teach your pet to sit, you also sit in front of your pet facing him. Stretch out your empty palm before him to their knee level. Your pooch might try to smell, lick your palms and also may try to lift his paws. Once your dog lifts his paw, appreciate him and give him his favorite treat. Repeat this again and again and add in the command 'shake hands'. Eventually, your pup will lift his paws up and place them on your palms. Make sure you pet him and praise your dog well when he listens to your command.

The other way is you could also gently tap on the back of your dog's paw with your finger. Your pet might try to lift his paw while you tap. When they lift, put out your hand forward and lift his paw. Add the word 'shake hands' while doing this. Your dog will associate the word and action.

Practice this every day for maybe around 5 to 10 minutes, so that your pet does not get bored. You might also teach your dog to shake hands with the other paw, once he learns with the first one.  Be patient with your pet while teaching them any trick. Praise them and give them their favorite treat. 

This is a super fun trick and your dog might start to greet everyone by a classy handshake. 




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