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How To Establish Yourself As The Alpha Or The Leader To Your Puppy

Importance of an alpha:

As part of the Canid family, dogs have a natural “pack” mentality. It is important to establish yourself as the alpha or the leader of the pack, in order to keep them well behaved. All dogs and puppies rely on an alpha to guide them, protect them and keep them safe. Being an alpha does not mean physical dominance or being aggressive and harsh. It is guiding them towards the right path of obedience and setting up proper rules to be followed.

How to establish yourself as the alpha?

It is important to remember that assuming the role of the alpha, is for the good of your pup and not to create a sense of fear in them. Physically or verbally punishing them is not the answer. Here are a few things you can follow to establish yourself as the alpha:

- Be firm and hold eye contact: Show your pup who’s boss. Use a firm voice to  command and maintain eye contact. Be calm, firm and non-hesitant. Correct them only when necessary.

- Be consistent and follow a routine: As the alpha, you must to follow a fixed routine to avoid irregularity. Keep a fixed time for all of your pup’s activities. Consistency should be always be maintained to avoid confusing your pup.

- Prove your position and then begin training: Before you begin training, make sure that your pup accepts your role as the alpha. Once your pup starts understanding and obeying you, you can begin your training.

- Asserting dominance in a positive way: Asserting dominance does not always have to be violent or rough. There are plenty of ways to maintain control in a calm and controlled manner. A few of these may include eye contact, timeouts, chin taps and gentle ear shakes.

- Maintain control and demand respect: Dogs are smart animals and may take over before you know it. Stay on your guard and never let them have their own way. Always put yourself first, especially when it comes to food. Walk out the door and let your dog follow. Do not allow growling or rough play. Get him to respect every member of the family. And always remember that treats have to be earne

    Being an alpha is not only about power and dominance. An alpha should also be fair and just. leader not only leads, he or she is also fair and just. The idea is to be in control so as to get your dog to behave. And lastly, always remember that a dog is a man’s best friend after all.


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