How Often Should You Take Your Dog For A Veterinarian Visit?

Pets need regular health check-ups to keep health problems in control. The number of veterinarian visit depends on the age and life stage of the pup or the kitten. Let us know more about how this works to keep our furry friends healthy.

Early Puppy And Kitten Veterinarian Visit:

Once you bring home a new puppy or kitten, establish contact with a good veterinarian. Health examination on a monthly basis is highly recommended for your pups and kittens until they are sixteen weeks old.  This veterinarian visit will cover up the vaccine schedule.  

Puppies are given vaccine shots for rabies, parvo, parainfluenza and other diseases. Kittens get shots for feline leukemia and immunodeficiency virus. 

During these visits, vets also monitor if your young pups are growing and developing well without any illness. After this, they might require a health screen while they are brought for spaying or neutering when they are six months old. 

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Adulthood Veterinarian Visit For Pets:

This involves the period when your pets are 1 to 7 years old. They require veterinarian visit once a year and undergo head to tail health checkup. Blood tests are done to check for heartworms, dental health checks and they also require rabies and parvo booster shots. 

Annual exams may also involve assessment of your pet's behavior, training, and wellness. If you have any other queries and concerns, these visits may be helpful and you can get them resolved with the veterinarian.

Senior Pets Veterinarian Visit:

Cats and dogs who are older than eight years older need to be examined by vets twice a year. Blood and urine tests are required at this stage to check on your pet's kidney and liver health. These visits might help to diagnose diseases at early stages. 

Apart from the above timelines, pets need to be taken to the vet immediately if they are injured, unconscious, disoriented, have vomiting or diarrhea, suffering from any pain, hard abdomen, seizures or get collapsed. If your pet shows any kind of abnormal behavior, it is best to consult the vet immediately.

Always remember that preventive healthcare at any age is the best method to increase the life span of your pet and maintain their health in top of the game.


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