Time to give your pup a bath! But are you unsure about how and how often should you bathe your puppy?  Fur not, as we’ll get down to the last detail of bathing 101, to ensure a clean and healthy puppy!

How often should you bathe your dog?

Bathing your puppy everyday, strips off your puppy’s skin of the natural oils and friendly bacteria. Not bathing your pup at regular intervals, on the other hand, may leave your dog smelly and prone to illness. The frequency of a bath depends on a lot of factors:

Breed and Hair length/type: Dogs with smaller coats need to be bathed less frequently than dogs with longer coats, with an exception of few hairless breeds, that require thorough care. Medium to large coated dogs can be bathed every 4-6 weeks, if their fur is kept well maintained.

Age: If your puppy is younger than 7-8 weeks, it is wise to wipe down your puppy with a warm cloth instead of a bath. After the 8 week mark, once a month should suffice.

Lifestyle: Pups who spend most of their life outdoors, need more baths than pups who are indoors.

Health conditions: Pups that suffer from allergies or skin/coat conditions need to be given more/less baths depending on their requirement. Be sure to choose the right bathing products that is gentle on your puppy’s skin.

Bathing your puppy once a month, is a good idea. Of course, if your pup is a mischievous one and is prone to dirt, you can bathe him more often. All in all, bathe your puppy when it’s no longer squishable.

How To Bathe Your Puppy?

Follow these simple tricks to make sure you have a successful bath time with your pupper:

Keep your puppy’s bathing products ready: Make sure you use bathing products especially suitable for your puppy, to ensure irritation and dry skin. Keep two large towels, and some cotton balls handy for use after bath. Be sure to keep the water lukewarm, that is not too harsh on your pup.

Choose a consistent bath spot: Make sure you pick a proper spot for bathing your puppy and stick to it. Your puppy will learn to grow accustomed to its spot and look forward to bathing time.

Bath time: Rinse your pup and lather well. Make sure you don’t get shampoo in its eyes. Start from its feet, and work your way up to its face. Be sure to wash off all the product thoroughly from its skin, to avoid dryness and irritation.

Post bath: Thoroughly dry your puppy with a towel and let your puppy sit out under the sun. You can also use a blow dry to speed up the process but make sure the heat is minimal.

Bath time can be a dreaded experience for your pup. But with these simple tricks, your pup will be enjoying baths in no time! Toss in your pupper’s favourite toy or a treat every now and then, for extra fun.




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