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Guard Dog Training: How To Train Your Dog For Guarding?

any breeds of dogs have natural instincts for guarding. Especially, Indian dog breeds and mongrels are very good guard dogs by nature. Training your dog for guarding should start at a much early stage. It is usually recommended to seek the help of a professional trainer for guard dog training so that your dogs understand the difference between strangers and friends.

Start From The Basics:

Teaching basic obedience to your pups is the key phase of guard training. Verbal commands such as sit, stay, come should be taught and they should be obeyed appropriately by your pup. They should also be taught to respond only to the commands of the master and not by everyone. This is very crucial as the intruder may use the same commands. Guard dogs should also be trained not to accept treats from everyone.

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Guard Dog Training Includes Educated Barking:

Encourage and reward your dogs when they bark at strangers who approach your home. You should also teach them to stop barking when you command so. Guarding training for dogs also includes training them to bark at any unusual events that happen.

Mark The Territories:

The dog should be familiarized with their home's boundaries. You should walk your dog around your home and allow them to learn and mark their guarding territory.

Guard dogs should always be made acquainted with other family members, children, and pets and not just with the trainer. They need to understand that they are also part of the family. 

When you are looking for a guard dog, research on the different breeds of dogs that will be suitable for guarding. Some popular breeds for guarding are Doberman, German Shepherds, Chippiparai, Rajapalayams, Rottweilers, etc. The most important factor is guard dogs are just as same as pet dogs and need the same levels of love and attention from us.



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