Grooming Your Cat At Home - How To Bathe, Brush & Clip Your Cat's Nails

Grooming your cat - as scary a task as it may seem, grooming your cat is an essential part of their care.

Your little Catto and kitty are no doubt good at taking care of their coats - but that doesn’t mean you - the cat parent - shouldn’t be pampering and helping them stay even more cleaner.

Grooming Your Cat At Home

Starting with grooming your cat may seem scary once you take a look at those sharp nails which are ready for an attack.

But with the proper routine and a Lil bit of patience, you can get your pet groomed and be free of any scratches.

Important Discussion Points In This Guide

  • Brushing Your Cat's Coat
  • Bathing Your Cat At Home 
  • Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

Brushing Your Cat’s Coat

Brushing is a key part of your cat’s grooming routine. To keep their coat dirt-free and tangle-free, investing in a comb or brush made especially for your cat’s coat is important.

For example, a slicker brush is a comb that is great for cats with long and short hair.

Grooming your Cat is a Fun way to Bond with your Feline Friend

Based on your cat’s coat and lifestyle, you can brush their coat twice a week or more. 

If you have a cat with long hair, then brushing them on alternate days is a good option as they shed throughout the year. This will help remove dead hair and keep their coat smooth & tangle-free.

Whereas, for short-haired cats who live indoors, use a brush to comb through their coat from head to tail twice every week.

Cat Coat Brushing At Home

Brushing also helps remove dirt and tangles while spreading healthy oils throughout their coat, keeping their skin and fur healthy and getting rid of the irritation.

Remember to always comb your cat’s hair in the direction it grows, this helps in evenly distributing the oil in their coat and avoids any injuries that may occur with tangles. 

Bathing Your Cat At Home

If your cat’s coat feels oily or has a weird smell - then you know it is time to give them their bath.

When bathing your cat, you need to be calm and gentle and remember not to take any sudden actions that could alarm them.

  • Gently place them in the bath and start with wetting your cat with lukewarm water.
  • Choose a shampoo that is made especially for your cat’s coat when grooming them. Based on the details mentioned in the shampoo - lather your cat’s coat avoiding sensitive areas like their ears and eyes..
  •  Massage the shampoo from the head to the tail in the direction of their hair growth.
  • Rinse the shampoo and any product of their body with lukewarm water. And dry any water off their coat with an absorbent bath towel.
How To Bathe Cat At Home

Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

From scratching to climbing on top of your couch, your cats need healthy feet to get by their day.

And grooming your cat’s paw and their nail is important to keep them free of any wound or ingrown nail.

To make grooming your cat’s nails a smooth process, try to set a routine for them. And depending on how quickly your cat's nails grow, you should clip them frequently.

Grooming Cat's Nail At Home
  • Play with your cat's feet when you aren't preparing to clip their nails; this helps them become accustomed to the sensation of you touching their paws/nails..
  • Gradually introduce the nail clipper to your cat. Allow your cat to explore and become used to the nail clippers and their clipping sound.
  • Holding your cat's paw softly, gently push on the paw to extend the nails. When you're both ready, carefully clip the tips of your cat's nails.
  • Make it a priority to keep praising your kitty and calming them down with play and treats.
Grooming Your Cat At Home

As part of your cat’s grooming routine - check their skin for any bumps, cuts or any sign of rashes/infections. Being a cat parent, looking out for your kitty through routine inspection is one way to keep them free of any disease or long-term health problems.

Happy pet parenting!


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