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Games To Play With Your Dog : A Way To Exercise Them!

Having a dog just does not stop with feeding and caring for them but we need to keep them stimulated mentally and physically. This is crucial to keep them active and healthy. Playing games and exercising your dogs is a solution to this. Find below some fun games that you can play with your dog that keeps them occupied.

Games To Play With Your Dog:

Usual games like fetch are great. However, we have some new games listed below that could be exciting and enjoyable for you and your dog.

1.Bubble Games To Play With Your Dog:

Non-toxic bubbles are loved by pooches. Your dogs will love to chase around and snap the bubbles.

2. Flirt Pole Game:

Take a long stick with a rope attached to one end. At the end of the rope, attach your pet's favorite toy or something he is very curious about and attractive to him. This will tempt your dog and you need to run around with it letting your dog chase it. This is a great game to stimulate them mentally and physically.

3. Hide And Seek:

Sneak your pet's favorite toy somewhere and or even you could hide and call out his name. He will be searching for you and the toy.

4. Water Games With Your Dog:

Jump into a swimming pool with your doggie. You could also buy a kid's pool, fill it water and let your pooch enjoy. This keeps them cool and refreshed in the hot climate.

5. Play Frisbee:

Other than the usual fetch, frisbee gives the opportunity for your dog to catch in the mid-air and adds more fun.

6. Find The Treats:

Hide treats in the garden while your dog is in the stay position. Then let him go and smell out to find the gift. This is absolute fun.

When you play games with your dog, you will discover the crazy play pooch character hidden in them. Even the lazy ones might turn active when you call them for a game. Playing outdoor games with your dog is also a part of an exercise. Try out these games today and have fun!

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