The blockbuster series ' Game Of Thrones' is back and everyone must be enjoying watching the fierceful famous direwolves of the Starks family. But to our surprise, direwolves are extinct and dogs are being played and portrayed as the direwolves in the series. Let us see more details about the Game Of Thrones Dog.

The Northern Inuit Game Of Thrones Dog:

The beautiful gigantic creatures in the Game Of Thrones series are played by a breed of dogs called as the Northern Inuit. These are crossbred dogs that have a very close resemblance of the wolves. They are medium to large built dogs , with double coat. 

Characteristics Of The Northern Inuit Dog Breed:

The Northern Inuit breed may look terrific because of their wolf like appearance. However they are very friendly and social dogs. They have a very calm and dependable temperament and get along well with children. They are very intelligent and loyal to their owners.

These breed of dogs are double coated and not really suitable for growing up in tropical countries. They also require lots of exercise and big space in the house. The Northern Inuit, popularly known as the Game of Thrones dog shed to some extent and require regular grooming.

The Northern Inuit breed is prone to genetic health problems like hip dysplasia and epilepsy.

Game of thrones dog with Sophie Turner-Poochles

The director of Game of Thrones had encouraged the actors to play and connect with the dogs that play as direwolves. Sophie Turner adopted one of the dogs which played the character of Lady Stark. The Game Of Thrones Dog-Summer and Grey Wind have an official instagram page with their adventures. Go check them out here