Battling with flea and ticks on dogs is constant trouble for every pet parent. The soft coat and warmth of your pets promote flea and ticks to breed well. As summer approaches, the humidity supports the multiplication of these flea and ticks. 

What Do Flea And Ticks On Dogs Do?

Flea and ticks are external parasites. They cling on to your pet's fur and skin and feed on their blood. They cause constant itching on your dog's skin and also lead to other serious health problems like Canine Ehrlichiosis. This condition will cause anemia in dogs and also cause the platelet count to drop which is extremely dangerous to pets. This disease is commonly caused by the brown dog tick in India.

How To Find Flea And Ticks On Dogs?

The most common symptoms are:

a. Scratching and excessive licking

b. Hot spots on your pet's skin.

c. Black specks of dirt on your dog's skin and bedding ( Flea feces)

d. Ticks are also visible to our naked eye.

FInding Flea and Ticks on dogs-Poochles

Ways To Control And Treat Flea And Ticks On Dogs:

Treatment for flea and ticks varies for every dog. Some dogs react well when they are just given a bath with a medicated anti-tick and flea shampoo whereas certain pets require other extensive treatment options. Few ways to treat flea and ticks on dogs are:

a. Spot on treatments: There is spot on medicines available that can be applied directly on the pet's skin and it is considered to be quite effective against flea and ticks.

b. Flea and Tick Shampoos: Give a nice bath with a good anti-flea and tick shampoo. 

c. Medicated Dips: There also medicated dips that can control flea and ticks on dogs. They can be mixed with water and poured on the pet's body covering their mouth and eyes. They should be left for a few minutes and then rinsed. These dips are to be used with caution and consider a vet before usage.

d. Kennel Washes: Clean your dog's bed, kennel and the areas where it sleeps in your home regularly. If required, pesticide sprays can be used in the nooks and corners of walls and doors.

Treating and prevention of flea and ticks might be challenging but can be achieved with little effort. Keep your pets safe from flea and ticks.