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Fish Oil For Dogs- What Does It Do For Our Pet's Health?

Fish oil capsules are a very popular supplement among human and it is also known for the good benefits it provides to canine health. We shall read more to know the benefits of fish oil for dogs. 

Fish oil is derived from oily fishes and it contains EPA and DHA- the essential fatty acids. This fish oil is naturally produced in little amounts in dogs which is not sufficient.

SHiny Coat with Fish Oil For Dogs-Pooches

Top Benefits Of Fish Oil For Dogs:

For general health and common health problems, fish oil is known to be effective. Fish oil consists of omega 3 fatty acids which have the following benefits:

a. Fish oil helps to reduce inflammation caused by allergies and skin irritation. This also reduces hot spots on your pet's skin.

b. DHA in fish oil helps with immune and brain development in puppies and kittens.

c. Fish oil for dogs helps to maintain healthy skin and coat in them. 

d. Fish oil is also said to improve joint function and mobility. It helps to relieve inflammation caused by arthritis.

e.Lipid levels are also controlled and maintained in dogs that are fed with fish oil. Hence fish oil provides care to the heart of our pets as well.

Side Effects Of Fish Oil For Dogs:

Consuming excessive fish oil is not toxic to your pets. However, proper care and dosage instructions are to be followed while administering fish oil for dogs. Fish oil has the property of slowing down blood clotting. Hence do not give fish oil supplements if your pet is under blood thinning medications.

Always slowly introduce fish oil in your pet's diet to avoid any stomach upsets and diarrhea problems. Fish oil can be given directly or mixed along with your pet's food. You can also find a lot of commercial treats and biscuits enriched with fish oil. Always discuss with your vet before starting fish oil or any other supplements for your dogs.

Keeping your pets healthy results in complete relief for pet parents as well as a happy dog!


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