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Dog Grooming: How To Groom Your Dog And Give Bath?

Grooming your dog is an essential way to maintain hygiene in dogs and also make their appearance look better. We humans take a bath and comb our hair every day for a fresh and good look. Similarly, dogs also need to be groomed regularly. Lets us see more about dog grooming and how often it should be done.

Reasons For Dog Grooming:

a. To maintain general hygiene and cleanliness for you and your pet.

b. To reduce the risk of infection and parasites, flea and ticks on dogs.

c. To build a bond between the pet parent ad the dog.

d. To prevent matting of hair especially in long-haired breeds.

e. Regular grooming helps in reducing the shedding of dogs.

f. Bathing your dog helps to remove debris and loose hair and keeps the coat shiny.

How Often Should You Be Grooming Your Dog?

Giving a bath to your dog is done only when needed. When you find your dog very smelly or if his coat needs to be cleaned off from dirt and mud, then shower him. Ideally, a dog can be bathed once every 2 weeks according to the Indian climate. However, this might vary depending on the breed, coat and skin condition of the pet. Remember that frequent baths can strip off the essential oils from your dog's coat.

The other dog grooming refers to brushing your pet's hair. This should be done on an everyday basis religiously. Regular brushing will help in removing excess hair and keep their coat tangle free. Other grooming activities also include trimming your dog's nails and cleaning of ears.

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How To Groom Your Pet?

The foremost step in grooming is to collect the necessary tools such as a hairbrush, nail clippers, and comb. Next, take your pet to a quiet place so that loud noises do not scare them. They should feel relaxed and start off by giving them treats so that they associate grooming with rewards. 

Go slow in grooming your pet and choose a time of the day when you can spend some extra time. Be gentle while you detangle and brush their hair. Always make sure you brush along the direction of hair growth. The best time to trim your pooch's nail and clean their ears is immediately after a bath. The nails will be soft making it easier to trim and the ears can be cleaned with soft cotton cloth or cotton ball.

Always make sure that the grooming sessions are pleasant for your pets. Certain breeds like shitzhu, poodles might need a haircut to trim the hair near their eyes and body. A visit to a pet professional groomer can get you sorted with it. Make sure you provide an adequate resting period for your pet in between these sessions. Above all, grooming develops a special bonding time with the pet-parent. Do not miss the chance! Happy Grooming!





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