Its summer and you might be packing your bags for vacation. Along with this, we might plan to leave our pets in dog boarding centers while you are away from home. Leaving your dogs in daycare might be scary for your dogs. Here are some tips on how we can make them comfortable in doggie daycare while you are away.

a.Run Trial Sessions In Dog Boarding:

If your pet is to be boarded the very first time, take him to the daycare a couple of times before your travel to leave him there and pick him after a few hours. Your dog needs to know that you will come back to pick him/her up. 

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b.Choosing The Right Dog Boarding:

This step is crucial to make the stay comfortable for your pet. Do your research and also talk to other pet parents to find out the best daycare centers. Make sure the dog boarding place is clean and is spacious for them to run around.

c. Leave Your Dog's Essentials:

Your dog might need to sleep in his favorite bed or a blanket. When you board your dog, leave his favorite bedding or toy to make him feel home. Do not forget any special food or medicine that he needs.

d. Respect Your Dog's Preference:

Some dogs might be very social and might like to interact with other pets in the daycare. Few dogs just like to be left alone and might just sleep and relax. Observe your dog's preference and let the dog boarding people know about it.

e. Bidding Goodbye:

Bid goodbye to your dogs quickly and offer them a treat and walk away. Long dramatic goodbyes make them feel worse and their stay will be not pleasant.

How To Choose A Dog Boarding Center:

There are a number of factors that contribute to making a good dog daycare.

a. Ensure that there are well-trained staffs and experienced people in handling.

b.Do not choose a dog boarding place that is understaffed and accommodates more dogs. This might result in less attention and care.

c.Take a look around the daycare to see if it is safe and fenced so that dogs don't get lost. This is for especially in places with a dog pool and large play areas.

Dog boarding can be quite an experience for both you and your pet. Make it fun and enjoyable for your dog, as you enjoy your travel!



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    Dog Boarding Tips: How Do I Leave My Dog In A DayCare? – Poochles India

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    Dog Boarding Tips: How Do I Leave My Dog In A DayCare? – Poochles India

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    Dog Boarding Tips: How Do I Leave My Dog In A DayCare? – Poochles India

  • Pet lover
    This is a great choice for your dogs
  • Pet lover

    Alright, I like the options you mentioned above and I would like to share one of my ideas what do you say If there is someone that you trust to stay in your home, this is a great choice for your dogs (and cats too).

    Your dog’s routine will change very little, and they will likely receive top-notch care. Having someone in your home while you’re away will also minimize security risks.

    Friends and family members make great house and pet sitters, but you can also hire a professional.

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