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Canned Food Vs. Dry Food For Cats - Advantages And Disadvantages

When it comes to feeding your cat, you want to make sure that they’re only fed the best food there is. All cat parents have different opinions when it comes to canned food vs. dry food for cats. Served in a proper balance, both food choices can provide a good amount of nutrition. But at same time, both choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s all you need to know about what’s best for your furries.

Advantages of canned food:

Canned food is basically wet food that comes packed in a can in measured portions. Wet canned food has a higher moisture content as compared to dry food, which may be an advantage for cats with various urinary and kidney issues. Wet food is also easier for cats to chew and helps increase total water consumption. Wet cat food should be an essential part of any cats’ diet as it is healthy and complete in itself.

Disadvantages of canned food:

Wet canned food may be highly beneficial to cats, but it also has its disadvantages. Wet food, although balanced, may be a little hard on the pocket. Cat parents therefore, prefer dry foods over wet canned foods for their felines. Once opened, canned foods also tend to perish faster and leave an unpleasant odor.

Advantages of dry food:

Most cat parents prefer dry food over wet as it is more convenient. They mostly come in large, resealable bags and have a longer shelf life. It is also easier for cat parents to leave a bowl of dry cat food while they’re away as there is less risk of bacterial growth on the food. Dry cat food also prevents tartar build-up and plaque in cats and is easier for older cats to chew.

Disadvantages of dry food:

Dry cat food may be not be as easy for cats to digest as wet canned food due to lack of water content.

Canned food vs. Dry food?

All cats are unique with their own tastes and liking. It is best therefore, to feed them a mixed or a combination diet of both wet and dry food. This helps guarantee that your cat is getting the best of both worlds, while also giving them a chance to decide what they like. It is important to maintain a balanced proportion of both, to ensure that your cat is getting all the required nutrients to remain healthy. It is always wise to consult a vet before changing their diet or introducing something new to their diet.

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