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  • ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash
  • ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash
  • ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash
  • ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash
  • ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash
  • ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash
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ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash

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ZeeDog Homer Simpson Dog Leash in color is part of the Simpson Collaboration that’s inspired by the famous Simpson character. The Dog Leash is printed with vibrant colors and characters. This leash is built with Tetoron Polyester making it extremely weather proof and super easy to clean and maintain. The super hook feature of the leash creates a safe environment for walking with your dog and can also be easily locked or unlocked by a simple rotation. Go ahead and deck your best bud up with this comfortable yet stylish leash for to make them the showstopper on their next morning walk!



  • Super hook locks when you rotate the locking screw
  • Super hook swivels 360 degrees
  • Made with super tetoron polyester
  • Patent pending lock technology
  • Rubber skull protects stitching for longer durability
  • Colors are vibrant and match print in the collection
  • Weather resistant
  • High durability
  • Printed with famous Simpson characters




  • Small 0.6 in
  • Large 1 in


  • Small 4 ft
  • Large 4 ft


Intended for 

  • Suitable for Adult Dogs and Puppies of all breeds.


Dog Leash Homer Simpson Benefits

  • New color homer simpson is part of the simpsons collaboration leash was built with Teteron Polyester weather conditions and natural wear and tear, it's water proof leash the super hook swivels 360 degree and hook lock when you rotate the screw lock it's patent pending lock technology and the rubber logo protect stitches for longer durability you will realize that it is much stronger and is usually able to last for very long periods without such issues of wear and tear coming up. 

Reason For Using Dog Leash

  • Teteron polyester is known to be quite gentle and milder and as such seldom causes such issues. This is another unique advantage that color comes Homer Simpson for your dogs. Such leash usually come in several colors but this Homer Simpson patterns as it interests the dog owner.You could also go for a combination of your best collars, hence you must be mindful of its thickness. It is therefore advisable that you make use of a reliable company that provides such leash with reviews to show.

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