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  • Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats
  • Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats
  • Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats
  • Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats
  • Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats
  • Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats
  • Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats
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Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats

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Poochles Cooling Mat For Dogs & Cats : Pets Chill here at Poochles and using the cooling is one of the many ways they do it! Cooling mat for dogs helps your pet rest and relax for a short nap and for a deep dreamy sleep. With no additional cooling, electricity or water, required, this gel based mat is pressure-activated. As soon as your pet lies on it, the cooling effect begins! The mat supports regulation of pet body temperature on warm days and hot summers, by providing a chill effect through body contact. The pet cooling mat also cools for several hours and is ready to be used again just after a short interruption! Poochles cooling mat can also be used on beds, in dog kennels or in the car. Simply wipe to clean the mat when required. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this mat now to give your pet the best experience of being a "Pooch" who "Chills".


  • Gel-based cooling mat that is pressure activated. As soon as your pet lies on it the Magic (Cooling effect) begins!
  • Helps your pooch nap or sleep in a chill and calm environment on warm days or during hot summers.
  • Regulates your pet's body temperature through the cooling effect and reduces hair fall and shedding that can be caused by extreme change in climate.
  • No additional cooling required (No refrigeration needed). The cooling mat does not require electricity or water.
  • Poochles Cooling Mat can also be used on beds, in pet houses, in dog kennels and/or in the car!


  • Small : 30 x 40cm
  • Medium : 40 x 50cm
  • Large : 90 x 50cm
  • M-D : 50 X 72cm
  • X-Large:81*96cm

Care Instructions

  • Do not brush the surface heavily
  • Do not machine/Dry wash
  • Do not hang it for a long time
  • Flat the mat to dry it
  • Do not expose under sun for long time

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4 total reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vishwanathan Raman (via WhatsApp - verified)

5 Stars - Very Good

Tanmay W
A helpful product that is so intriguing that our dog chewed it

The cooling mat is a really 'cool' product for all pets. We took the XL size and got the delivery within a couple of days itself. Our dog, Mochi immediately took to this, lying on it from time to time to cool himself off. Although immediately on the 2nd day itself he was inquisitive enough to bite off a part of the matt. We removed it from his reach but noticed the gel coming off. It's now got duct tape on the affected area but we're a little apprehensive about keeping the matt for him unsupervised. But, I have to appreciate the product - it's a great thought.

veena KR (via WhatsApp - verified)

4 Stars - Good

prabhjot kaur Barnala (via WhatsApp - verified)

3 Stars - Neutral