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The Cuddle Me Up Poochbed Dog bed is the best way for you to show your puppy you love them and help them not suffer from separation anxiety!


Your Puppy Feels You Are Always By Their Side!

Puppies love the smell of their humans and feel a sense of safety. We have designed the poochbed so that you stuff your dog beds with your old cloth discards. When you stuff the bed with your old clothes, puppies have the tender warmth of their humans that they loves from the smell of their clothes!

As Fluffy or as Light as You Want!

You just fill the poochbed with your old clothes, bed sheets or clothes discards like towels or handkerchiefs so you can make the bed as fluffy, or as light as you want!

Mix And Match Away!

Love whites? Fill the bed with white clothes that peek out from the sides. Love neon orange? Well be our guest! Or try all colours of the rainbow each week! The choices are endless!

Easily Storable

Just roll up your bed and stash it away when you don't want it. Or if your travelling, your dog bed will fit neatly inside your suitcase or even handbag!

Always Smelling Fresh!

Just like you would spray some cologne on yourself, if you want to fragrance up your pooch's bed, just spray some cologne on it, and you are all set! Don't worry, your pooch will still get your smell from the clothes, smell is their super power!

Easily Machine Washable!

Our beds are made from Easy machine washable material, so all you have to do is pop the bed in the washing machine, and you are all set!


The bed measures 2 ft by 1.5 feet. So perfect for puppies and small breed dogs that feel separation anxiety the most.


The Poochbed comes in assorted colours. You can bring out the Picasso in you and mix and match the inner stuffing any way you want!


Watch The Poochbed Video


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