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Smarty Pet Plain Nylon Grinded Choke Dog Collar

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Nylon Grinded Choke Dog Collar from Smarty Pet has bright and vibrant colors. This dog collar is designed to tighten under tension. When an incorrect behavior is observed a pull of the leash re-actively cinches the collar providing gentle but effective feedback, correcting the dog. To further deepen learning, over time the dog begins to correlate the chain “sound” to incorrect behaviors. The choke dog collar also features a single-piece D-ring attachment option, this makes it quick and easy for you to change from training collar to standard (non-cinch) collar. These super stylish, sturdy choke collars are useful in basic training of your dog. This makes training effective and efficient! 



  • A gentle but effective choke collar to control & correct negative behavior
  • Fully Adjustable to your dog's neck and east to put on and remove
  • Strong metal chain and clip ring
  • Hardware strength tested for durability and safety


Intended for

  • Suitable for puppies, small to medium-sized dog breeds.


Note: It comes in assorted colors.
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