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Product Description

  • Perfectly Bright and Colourful Rope Toy
  • Durable dog toy
  • Flexible and Scented
  • Cleans Teeth
  • A good Exercise for the Jaws
  • Fun and Exercise for all age Dog

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and is an important way for a dog to release energy. The right toy can channel your dog's energy in a positive manner. flexible to catch, comfortable toy for your dog

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  • What Are Rope Toys For Dogs?


         Rope toys helps to keep your pets active, engaged and               most importantly entertained. 

         Rope toys are made of cotton ropes and are generally                 twisted or woven into various designs. Rope toys are                   colorful and is great for playtime games.

         How To Play Tug Games WIth Rope Toys?

         All dogs love to play tug of war. Always you be the first one       to initiate the game of tug. Do not let your dog to grab the         rope toy from you. If your pet jumps and tries to grab the           toy, hide it behind and command him your pup to sit. 

         Once you pup listens, tell the the cue word 'tug' or 'pull' and       start to pull one side of the rope toy with the other end in           your pet's mouth. Give treats and appreciate your dog when       when they leave the toy once you command.

         Tug games bring out the natural instincts of dog to chew           and wristle.

        Buy rope toys that are soft and flexible. Your dogs love it            that way. You could also give rope toys for your pooch to            play with, during training sessions.

        Some rope toys come with treat dispensers and this makes      it more interactive for your pup.
        Rope toys soaked in cool water can be given to puppies.            This can be soothing for teething pups.    

        Monitor your dogs while you give rope toys to play, as they        tend to chew the fibres and ingest them.

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