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A nylon bone that gives your dog exactly what they want and keeps them from chewing up everything else in the house. It helps to improve your dog’s dental hygiene to keeps them healthy. These chews are made from durable nylon and are specially designed for chewers. This bone toy not only satisfies the hunting instincts and provide a safe release to the chewing urges but also ensure a healthy mental stimulation that can keep the dog entertained without your direct involvement. This toy is easy to clean, just rinse with water. A nylon chew toy is the best chew toy for all breeds irrespective of the age. This Nylon Bone is perfect for a game of fetch and hours of chew. 


  • Discourages destructive chewing habits and satisfies the chewing urge.
  • Fights boredom and keeps your pooch preoccupied in alone times
  • Improves your pet's dental hygiene and reduces plaque and tartar and helps to keep teeth clean with every gnawing.
  • Light-weight and can also be used as a fetch toy


These bones are rather challenging to chew through and can extend the fun for your dog.

Intended For

Small Size - Puppies and Small Breed

Medium Size - Medium Sized Dogs

Large Size - Large Breed and Heavy Chewers


It comes in assorted colours


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    What Is A Chew Toy? Why Is It Important To Give Your Pooch A Chew Toy?


        Many behavioral problems in pets are a result of excess            energy and boredom.
        This is where chew toys come to the rescue. 

        Chew Toys are designed to be bitten and chewed by dogs.        This is to aid stimulation and relieve boredom when they             are alone!

        Chew Toy Benefits For Your Dog:

         1.Gnawing on a chew toy is soothing for dogs, especially            puppies, similar to how human babies are given teethers.
         2.When puppies develop their adult tooth, chewi toys helps        to relieve pain and it also releases good hormones in their        brain.
         3.Chew toys keep your pets occupied and distracted.
         4.By giving a chew toy, you prevent your dogs to combat             weariness and prevent your pup from chewing shoes and           furniture.
         5.Chew toys also add great fun and entertainment to your          pooches and they will love it.

       Chew toys come in different shapes and colors and
       generally made of non-toxic rubber material.
       They are strong and durable enough to withstand
       rough chewers.
       They can be filled with treats for added fun and
       also made interactive. 


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