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  • Poochles Sleepy Dog Soft Toy For All Dogs
  • Poochles Sleepy Dog Soft Toy For All Dogs
  • Poochles Sleepy Dog Soft Toy For All Dogs
  • Poochles Sleepy Dog Soft Toy For All Dogs
  • Poochles Sleepy Dog Soft Toy For All Dogs
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Poochles Sleepy Dog Soft Toy For All Dogs

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Poochles Sleepy Dog Soft Toy For All Dogs :Urban pet parents juggle a lot. It is hard to keep track of your dog's exercise and stimulation needs between working and home. When devoid of the necessary exercise, they act up- become aggressive, develop anxiety which may lead to depression. Not just psychological, but dogs also develop physical problems. Obesity is common in most urban dogs due to the same.

At PawsIndia, we have an AI and tech-infused approach towards dog toy online. And we created interactive dog toys. These dog toy for puppy solve the problem of dogs not getting enough exercise. Interactive toys are designed to help urban pets reach the required exercise and playtime and keep them in good shape. 

If you are looking to buy dog toys, Paws India brings you one of the best dog toys, the dog plush toy. 


  • Interactive: The toy is interactive, which means you can leave the toy with your doggo and go about your day to come back and find your dog having the time of its life. This makes for the puppy toys online.

  • Rope legs made from natural cotton: The rope legs are designed, keeping in mind the chewing and tugging dogs' tendencies. The natural cotton rope ensures that your dogs chew on a safe material. 

  • Squeaker: The squeaky toy makes squeaky sounds, ensuring that your dog does not lose interest in the toy and keeps them hooked.  

  • Soft faux fur: The soft faux fur is exceptionally comfortable to touch and is gentle on your dog's fur. 

  • Waterproof: The toy is waterproof, which means wherever your dog drops the toy, it will be clean. 

  • Thermosensitive: The inside of the toy is thermosensitive.

  • PP Cotton filing: The PP cotton filling in the dog toys- plush, offers a good resilience when your dog bites and chew on the toy.


  • The interactive toy solves many problems: You can ensure your dog gets the right amount of physical and mental stimulation without your involvement. It also solves many physical and mental issues like obesity, anxiety in dogs, depression in dogs. 

  • Many toys made from harmful materials like plastic can be bad for your dog. The cotton rope ensures your dog chews on safe and natural materials. This makes it one of the best dog toys.

  • Highly active dogs get bored quite quickly by toys like tennis balls, the squeaker in the toy is designed to grab your dog's attention and keep them engaged with the toy. 

  • It is important to use soft materials on dog chew toys; hard toy can be bad for your dog's teeth. 

  • Dog often go places that can get them wet and dirty. The toy being waterproof protects it from getting wet and is easy to clean. 

  • When your dog gets suitable resilience, they will enjoy chewing without hurting themselves or breaking the toy. 

  • The toy can be used to train your dog. 

Dental Benefits

The toy is suitable for dogs who like to chew on things to satisfy their chewing needs. This is one of the best chew toys for dogs. This dog chew toy is made from 100% cotton, which makes it safe to chew on. It offers suitable resilience when your dog chews on it. 

Health Benefits

Obesity is prevalent amongst dogs; the toy helps battle obesity in dogs by keeping them active and engaged and meet their exercise needs. The toy is also a great help to anxious dogs, dogs with separation anxiety, or aggressive dogs. 

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