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Pamper Your Puppy Spa Poochpack

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Pamper Your Puppy Exclusive Combo Kit For Puppies - This hypoallergenic and moisturizing dog shampoo is just what you need to keep your dog's delicate coat healthy! We bring to you an exceptional product in skin care and allergy care for your pet. This innovative formulation of dog hypoallergenic shampoo combines the benefits of oats and aloe to eliminate all the dirt while calming irritated skin.Poochles has brought together refreshing fragrances to formulate a wonderful smelling dog perfume. It has been specially formulated with natural ingredients that would help in attaining a luxuriously soft, shining and fresh smelling coat. So just open up the bottle of freshness and spray away the bad odor from your pet and welcome him with open arms.Anti-Inflammatory Hemp Seed Oil Supplement For Dogs And Cats Skin -This pet skin anti-inflammatory supplement is just what you need to keep dog/cat skin & coat healthy. Wiggles Hemp Seed Oil Dog Skin Supplement is rightly called the oil-rounder for your pets!


  • NATURAL DOG SKIN SUPPLEMENT - 100% natural oil and an excellent source of essential fatty acids, Omega-3 & 6, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.
  • CALMS IRRITATED SKIN IN CATS & DOGS - Has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, calms the irritation of the skin, aids in digestion and heart health.
  • SUPPORTS GOOD SKIN HEALTH - Encourages skin growth, acts as a skin nourisher & moisturiser without clogging the pores, aids new cell generation and improves overall skin quality.
  • EASY-USE TOPICAL PET SKIN SUPPLEMENT - While using topically, spray it on your pet’s body concentrating more on the affected areas, lightly massage and let your pet enjoy the attention.
  • HEMP SEED OIL THAT CALMS PET - While using orally, spray in your pet’s mouth as per dosage. It helps to relieve pain in aging pets with arthritic joint pains and improves mobility. It also works to relax and calm pets and reduce anxiety.
  • GENTLE DOG HYPOALLERGENIC SHAMPOO - Mild and gentle pet shampoo that effectively cleans allergic & sensitive pet skin.
  • ENRICHED WITH BENEFITS OF OATS - The naturally hydrating oats found in this shampoo formula - helps avoid dryness and itching of dog skin.
  • ALOE CALMS IRRITATED PET SKIN - Made with aloe vera, this hypoallergenic shampoo for dogs helps restore softness and shine!
  • MOISTURIZING & pH BALANCED - This pH balanced pet wash helps maintain healthy coat by moisturizing dry and sensitive coat/skin.
  • PERFECT FOR DOGS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN - Other than the various benefits of Oats & Aloe, the Anti-inflammatory properties of Basil Oil also calms your dog's skin - giving desirable results!
  • Long-Lasting refreshing fragrance to earn more wags
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Special additives that naturalize the odor making bacteria and extend the fragrance
  • Moisturizing ingredients help make the coat silky soft


  • Basil Puppy Shampoo 500ml- 1 Piece
  • Basil Garden Fresh Perfume - 1 Piece
  • Wiggles Hemp Oil 30ml - 1 Piece

Intended For

Ideal for all puppies below 6months

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