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Product Description

Bio-Groom Super Cream Coat Conditioner Concentrate is the most effective Oil Treatment for coat and skin. An oil-rich cream that contains wheat germ oil, protein, vitamin E and other special cosmetic grade coat and skin conditioners. Deep conditions instantly essential for dry, damaged hair. Moisturizes the skin to help prevent and relieve dryness and itching. Easy wet and dry combing. Leaves coat shiny and in top show condition with non-oily feel. Non-irritating, anti-static, pH balanced to natural skin acidity. Wash out with Bio-Groom Shampoo. 


  • Moisturize and Revitalise the coat
  • Add Deep condition
  • Anti-static and pH balanced
  • Ideal de-matting treatment
  • Directions

    Hot Oil Treatment
    Just one of many ways to use Super Cream.

    1. Begin by prepping the product. You will need a 2 cup glass or microwave-safe measuring cup.
    2. Fill measuring cup with 1 1/2 cups of water and add Super Cream according to the size of pet: 1 heaping tablespoon for a small dog, 2 heaping tablespoons for medium size dog, 3 heaping tablespoons for a large dog (Optional: add 1 capful of Vita Oil for every tablespoon of Super Cream to enhance the results more dramatically.)
    3. Heat mixture in a microwave for approx. 2 minutes. Stir after heating until mixture has the consistency of whole milk. Allow mixture to sit until it is ‘very warm’, but will not scald the dog.
    4. While mixture is cooling: Bathe dog thoroughly with Bio-Groom shampoo. Rinse dog completely but do not dry.
    5. Apply mixture when it is still very warm to wet dog, and massage into skin and coat.
    6. Allow pet to remain in a warm area with applied mixture for 15-60 minutes. The longer you allow the treatment to stay on dog, the more amazing the results.
    7. To complete treatment, shampoo pet once again and groom as usual.
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