Siberian Husky Dog Breed Features

Siberian Husky Dog

Vital Stats

Ideal For

Individual Homes


M: 20-27 kgs F: 12-15 kgs.

Life Span

16-23 Years

Highlights of The Breed


Siberian Huskies were developed by the Chukchi people of Siberia. They were brought to Alaska for sled dog race. 


Siberian Husky are loyal, free-spirited , and good natured. They are playful  and good with people. 


They have double coat and shed twice a year. They need to brushed everyday for healthy coat and shine.Baths can be occasional.

Child Friendliness

This breed makes for a wonderful family dog and are good with people and children, and also other dogs.

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Heat Tolerance


Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

These are athletic breed of dogs and need regular activities to keep them mentally and physically fit. They love walks and play with their human parents.

Some Information About Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky belong to the Spitz family. They are medium sized friendly dogs, that are dignified. They are pack animals, hence love the company of other dogs and also good with family members. Siberian Husky do not make a good guard dog, but are watch dogs. they are protective of their owners and need to be socialized well.

This breed of dog involves high maintenance in regards to food and grooming. High quality food and regular grooming is a must. They do not survive in hot climate and need to be kept indoor in an air conditioned room. However, they do not adapt well throughout the year in Indian climate. They howl instead of barking. The common coat color in a Husky is black and white.

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