Pomeranian Dog Breed Features

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Vital Stats

Ideal For

Small Homes And Apartments


2 - 3.5 kgs

Life Span

12 -16 Years

Highlights of The Breed


Pomeranians are known to be descended from the spitz breed of dogs. They got their name after the Pomerania region in Poland.


Pomeranians are inquisitive and bold. They are always alert and defensive of their territories. Sometimes they tend to bark too much.


This breed has a dense double coat. They need to be maintained by brushing regularly. Regular baths, grooming, trimming of nails and anal glands clean up is required by a professional groomer.

Child Friendliness

Pomeranians are in general good with children. Anyhow, they are not ideal for homes with very small children. 

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Heat Tolerance


Care From Parent




Important Things To Keep In Mind

Pomeranians require moderate intensity exercises. Daily walks and indoor plays are ideal to keep them active and inshape. 

Some Information About Pomeranian

The Pomeranian (Poms), are classified as a toy breed, in terms of  their size. They are great companions with a lustrous coat and foxy face with a bundle of energy. They come in a range of colors: white, black, tan, red, blue, brown, orange and cream. the most common colors are the white and brown. Pomeranians are smart and active. They can learn games and tricks easily.

Pomeranians have thick , double coat. They should be groomed on everyday basis to maintain the quality of the coat. Their hair should be trimmed every one to two months. This breed of dogs respond well to training and like to be the center of attractions. They can be given toys and trained, when they are to be left alone. 

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