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Good stuff

My dog just loves all the three

My pet likes it so much

He just loves the chew and won't let anyone to takeit from him...

Easy food for busy days

I personally prefer home made food. However it is not possible on some days due to busy schedule. It is during these days hound fresh food comes into help. My puppy loves the food and also is very active after eating this food. Convenience wise, nutrient wise, the food is a very good option.

Good Product

Constellation Shampoo - Odour is pleasant, shampoo suds well and cleans effectively. My puppies didn't have any issues.

EasyComb Conditioner - Strong perfume, but helps when dogs are stinky; conditions fur very well; Only issue is that sprayer does not work well, so I have to apply it to my hand and then run it through the puppies' fur

Nice product.

Good food my pet love it

I'm completely satisfied with your hound fresh products but other than hound fresh other products take so long to fullfill.
If there is any thing like a monthly package for each breed it wil be more useful because 1 kg is coming 15 days if i feed one scoop a day for my small size beagle.

My dogs loved it

Right from youngest to eldest all have loved it.soon I will need to order more.


Our dog loves all the JerHigh treats and I love that the quality is great.

Amazing Quality

The products have amazing quality

Sustainably yours

Been looking for this litter for quite some time. Happy to have received it in proper packaging. Litter is undoubtedly good..easy to clean but doesn't mask the smells well.

Dog Spiky Bone Shaped Chew Toy
Saurabh Singh
Superb quality

Best quality toys

good food , good quality

Can go for it

Poochles Houndfresh Dog Food
ravi teja (via WhatsApp - verified)
Love It

My dog definitely shows a strong sign of improved activity and playfulness. Happy to have found houndfresh.

Paws India Trembling Monster Dog Toy
Arijit Sen (via WhatsApp - verified)

5 Stars - Very Good

Nice one for our loved pet

Simply awesome

Basil Refillable Catnip Cotton Plush Cat Toy - Assorted
Dev dwivedi (via WhatsApp - verified)

5 Stars - Very Good

Medilogy Biotech Antitick Shampoo For Dogs and Cats
dharshan reddy (via WhatsApp - verified)

5 Stars - Very Good

Pet en Care Jerky Dog Chew Treats-Pack Of 6
Stephanie Smith (via WhatsApp - verified)

5 Stars - Very Good

Poochles "Cuddle Me Up" Dog Bed - Puppy/Adult
Kalpi Vaidya (via WhatsApp - verified)
5 Stars - Very Good

My dog is definitely happier when I come back home. Reduced seperation anxiety for sure.

Poochles Houndfresh Dog Food
Prashant Kumar Singh (via WhatsApp - verified)

Ordering the larger pack to save money. This food is really good.

Fur Coat Shine Dog Shampoo
Chandrashekar Chandrashekar.v (via WhatsApp - verified)

5 Stars - Very Good

Poochles Houndfresh Dog Food
Neha Kumar (via WhatsApp - verified)
Will Recommend

So happy that my dog loves this food. This quality is even better than high end dog food. And not expensive at all!

Poochles Plus
prabhjot kaur Barnala (via WhatsApp - verified)

Recommend. Very Good

Versele Laga Oropharma Calci-Lux Bird Supplement
Harish V (via WhatsApp - verified)

5 Stars - Very Good